Speak out on 18 October

Dave Prentis issues rallying call to make October demo the the biggest this country has ever seen

999 call for the NHS

As NHS supporters march from Jarrow to London from 16 August, UNISON is urging members to back them

Care UK members set for new strike

UNISON members at Care UK in Doncaster will begin new strike action tomorrow for two weeks, after the company refused to even discuss a wage rise this year

UNISON to launch public services manifesto

With less than a year to go to the general election, UNISON is launching its manifesto for public services

Taking the fair pay fight onto the streets

UNISON has hailed the local government strike as an overwhelming success, with more than one million public service workers on picket lines and at rallies in protest over their pay offer

Solidarity across the sea

Unions around the world send solidarity messages to UNISON strikers

Together we are strong

Across the union, UNISON members send solidarity to members on strike today

How you can help local government members

Council and school workers on NJC pay terms in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will strike on 10 July – and you can support them

Prentis tells UNISON that this autumn is the time to make a stand

Dave Prentis drew a line in the sand this afternoon, when he addressed the UNISON national delegate conference in Brighton saying that this autumn, we would make a stand

EPSU leader spells out the Europe we want

EPSU general secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan’s message to UNISON’s local government conference was that we could change Europe for the betterment of the majority of its people

Local government delegates urged to get the vote out

UNISON’s local government conference kicked off in Brighton this morning, with a rallying call to activists to win a big turnout in the current ballot on pay

Britain needs a pay rise national demonstration – 18 October

Further details have been released by the TUC for anyone wanting to attend the national demonstration – Britain needs a pay rise – on 18 October in London

UNISON relaunches school uniform scheme

The UNISON welfare charity There for You can offer help to members on low incomes deal with the cost of school uniforms

EPSU congress hears warning on global treaties

Delegates at the EPSU congress in Toulouse debated the threat from two global trade treaties currently being negotiated

Speak up for libraries when you vote

Libraries services urges council voters to use their ballot on behalf of a vital statutory service