Christina McAnea and fellow trade unionists outside the court in Ankara

Blog: UNISON is standing together with our friends in Turkey

In a court in Ankara, I saw first-hand how the Turkish state is determined to deny justice to trade unionists accused of ‘terrorism’ for doing their union duties

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International trade union and NGO representatives who came to witness the trial

UNISON attends the trial of trade unionists in Turkey

UNISON stands in solidarity with eight trade unionists in Turkey charged with terrorism offences for carrying out their union duties

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Inside the hall during a UNISON conference

Standing up for union rights

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Brighton delegates told: ‘They want to make us an endangered species. But if they push us, we push back.’

Three students

Agency workers and others – MPs want to hear from you

Have your say as Commons committee calls for public contributions to its inquiry into ‘the future world of work and workers’ rights’

Government sets out who will be covered by 40% strike threshold

Threshold for ‘important public services’ takes effect on 1 March; political fund opt-in rules transition period starts on same day

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Finding a way through Brexit

As the UK wonders what happens next in a post-Brexit world, UNISON is acting now

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‘The need for stability and reassurance has never been greater,’ says Dave Prentis

The Trade Union Bill – how we campaigned for key changes

UNISON members across the UK played a part in protecting their trade union rights

UNISON lobbying sees ministers move on facility time

Ministers have backed away from an outright ban on facility time across the UK’s public services

Government withdraws plan to stop check-off for subs payment

‘Now at least UNISON can concentrate on campaigning to protect public sector employees at work and the services they deliver’

Higher ed workers vow to campaign against TU Bill

UNISON higher education conference sets out campaign to defeat bill and protect trade union rights and reps