Ramadan 2023: Your rights at work

‘It’s important that UNISON’s Muslim members feel supported in the workplace and employers ensure and understand their needs at this spiritual and cherished time’

Blog: Heart unions and celebrate our victories past and future

Let’s celebrate unions; let’s celebrate UNISON; let’s celebrate the victories of the past, and those that are yet to come

Three students

Agency workers and others – MPs want to hear from you

Have your say as Commons committee calls for public contributions to its inquiry into ‘the future world of work and workers’ rights’

We must fight to defend our rights at work outside of Europe – starting today

The British people chose to leave the EU in June, but that does not mean that they choose to lose their rights at work, or that we should accept a bonfire of pro-worker legislation as a result.

MPs to discuss workers’ rights post-Brexit

UNISON backs private members’ bill and launches its new network for EU members

Building workplaces fit for the future

Jeremy Corbyn has rightly identified the issues that we’re fighting to eliminate each and every day – massive wage disparity between those at the top and the bottom, poverty pay and insecure work. But he’s also looked ahead to the kind of country we need to build together.

Tricks but no treats

Join us on Monday to stop this nightmare that is the Trade Union Bill

Join us in Manchester

On Sunday, it will be just five weeks to the TUC’s demonstration in Manchester marking the opening of the Tory party conference