Black and white photo of marchers on a protest, with the words 'Protect the right to strike' in red on white superimposed, then 'march and rally' in white on red below that.

Protect the right to strike as the Tories act to axe workers’ rights

Join the TUC-organised march and rally in Cheltenham on 27 January

Home health care worker and an elderly couple

UNISON publishes report on the future of the minimum wage

The new collection of essays looks at how the minimum wage could evolve

UNISON president Libby Nolan speaking at the TUC Congress 2023

UNISON leads the debate at TUC gathering

Climate change, the COVID-19 Inquiry and a change of government were amongst the debates in Liverpool this week

UNISON president Libby Nolan speaking at the TUC Congress 2023

UNISON takes COVID-19 inquiry call to TUC Congress

Union’s president describes how a decade of austerity damaged the UK’s ability to protect workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

A Labour government is what working people need, says UNISON

Change needed after 13 years of declining living standards and harm to public services

Thirteen years of Conservative austerity have left public services reeling

Christina McAnea outlines damage to TUC and urges investment from next government

UNISON in solidarity with Ukraine graphic

Ukraine: one year on

On the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, with no sign of peace, the trade union movement prepares to launch a new appeal for trade unionists displaced by the war

It’s time for a government that puts the country first, says UNISON

Public services, wages and staff would be better treated under Labour

Government gamble means working people are the losers, says UNISON

Christina McAnea tells TUC that co-ordination with other unions will deliver results on pay

Christina McAnea addressing TUC congress in Brighton. She is wearing a black jacket over and black and white top and is pictures at the congress rostrum, her left had raise, and against a dappled purple background

‘Co-ordinated action unites us,’ McAnea tells TUC congress

General secretary tells delegates in Brighton that UNISON will be working with other unions to help working people get the pay rise that they deserve

Front of the UNISON group on the TUC demo June 2022

TUC and UNISON ramp up cost of living campaign

October dates announced for lobby of MPs – put them in your diaries now, as Christina McAnea says the union is working to use ‘all levers at our disposal’

Significant pay rise needed to avoid demoralised staff leaving the NHS

Soaring inflation has superseded ministers’ miserly pay proposal

UNISON section of large London demo taken from above

Top tips to build the turnout for the TUC demo

UNISON activists share their tried and tested ways of building support for a march and rally

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Demand action on the cost of living

Join the TUC march on Saturday 18 June

Magazine, UNISON on film on the Magazine site.
Head and shoulders portrait of UNISON vice president Angela Egan

UNISON calls for proper investment for public services after COVID

With the 153rd annual TUC congress underway, UNISON vice president Andrea Egan spoke of the need for a proper investment in public services