Blog: I promise to work across all parts of our union, for all our members

‘A challenging time to take up the reins as general secretary, but I’m also fortunate to have the legacy of a strong, growing union’

Christina McAnea elected UNISON general secretary

Christina McAnea has today been elected as general secretary of UNISON, the UK’s largest union

Care workers looking after sick and elderly still not getting regular Covid tests

Government failing on pledge to test staff every seven days

‘One job’ rule without pay pledge could plunge care staff into poverty and put residents at risk

Government must guarantee staff can work additional hours or get compensation for lost wages

Care workers left high and dry by chancellor

Government money not enough to fix broken care system

Shockingly poor government planning left health and care staff vulnerable to the virus

Ministers reacted too slowly when buying protective kit

Covid contracts need proper scrutiny to end gravy train

Ministers must be held to account after spending billions of pounds of public money 

Care staff deserve equal pay with the NHS

Reform of the care sector is long overdue

woman holding living wage sign

Living wage increase leaves many thousands of health and care staff behind

Ministers must give a well-earned pay rise to all those caring for us

Green energy plans must be rolled out to more ​parts of the economy

Prime Minister’s wind power pledge must be more than hot air and bluster

Government breaks pledge to stop low-paid health and care staff paying twice to use the NHS

Boris Johnson promised a lifeline to low-paid workers then callously pulled it away

Migration Advisory Committee report exposes government’s muddled immigration plan

The sector needs to be properly funded and wages increased

UNISON wins Access to Work victory

Union pressure sees government make changes to scheme to help disabled people working from home in the pandemic

Limit on mega council pay-offs could cost middle-income workers thousands

Long-serving staff caught up in flawed government law

Frontline care and health workers face thousands of pounds of government ​visa charges

It’s perverse that ministers ignore the contribution of care and NHS support staff ​