Care sector pushed to brink by staffing catastrophe

Care employees have been undervalued and ignored for too long.

Blog: Why we should all take the menopause seriously

World Menopause Day is a reminder that the menopause is a workplace issue, says Christina McAnea

UNISON responds to Keir Starmer’s speech

Labour is offering just what the country needs after 11 years of Tory mismanagement

Government must get a grip on fuel crisis to protect essential services, says UNISON

Key workers mustn’t be left stranded or forced to queue for hours simply to get to a pump.

general secretary Christina McAnea with UNISON members outside a London hospital

Blog: After everything, a pay cut is the bitterest of blows

Our health conference is a reminder of the sacrifices our health members have made, the challenges to come – and what we can achieve together

Huge vacancy rates across care sector adding to staff mental health crisis

The government’s failure to deal with ​the growing staffing ​crisis in social care ​risks worsening the mounting mental health toll on workers, says UNISON

Don’t wait until it’s too late to bring back mask wearing and social distancing

Making mask wearing optional back in the summer was a mistake

A new deal for employment would make a huge difference

Low pay, precarious contracts and minimal sick pay have no place in the modern world of work

A new post-pandemic deal is needed for public services

Covid has had a profound effect on public service staff

UNISON 9/11 commemorative ribbon in maroon

Blog: Still in solidarity, two decades later

As American unions come together to mark the 20th anniversary of that horrifying day, we recommit ourselves to the campaign for peace across the world

Blog: Is this the kind of community you want to live in?

Our local services face catastrophic cuts. Help us stand up for them and take action now

Health organisations stand together against abuse  

Abuse aimed at health workers during pandemic must stop

general secretary Christina McAnea with UNISON members outside a London hospital

Blog: Fighting for pay across the union

Pay is coming to a head and we need all of our members and activists to take part in every ballot and every consultation

Prime Minister must intervene to fund a fair pay rise for council workers

Local services will only be resilient with “a valued and fairly rewarded workforce”

Government’s treatment of NHS staff is disgraceful 

Just as NHS staff thought ministers were at last to announce the pay rise they’ve more than earned, hopes have been cruelly dashed