Christina McAnea

Blog: The hope Labour can bring

The party’s New Deal for Working People, planned with UNISON’s involvement, would make a huge improvement to working people’s lives

Christina McAnea

Blog: Let’s make 2024 a success

Vote in our service group elections and celebrate UNISON’s Year of LGBT+ Workers

Christina McAnea

Blog: The clock is ticking to the next general election

We’ve endured three Conservative prime pinisters since the 2019 general election

Christina McAnea, arms folded, in front of conference stage - 'Fighting for our future'

Blog: Another cycle of the Tories’ economic doom-loop

Jeremy Hunt’s desperate autumn statement, claiming to fix the economic problems that his party caused, won’t pull the wool over voters’ eyes

PM’s policy wheezes are last desperate roll of the dice from a government on borrowed time

Christina McAnea tells Rishi Sunak to call an election and let the people elect a government that can put right the many wrongs of the past decade

No more leadership musical chairs, it’s time for a general election

Tories are no longer fit to govern

There must now be an election, says UNISON

Conservatives unfit to govern

Yellow diamond-shaped road sign with a black arrow indicating a sharp u-turn, pictured against a bright blue sky with light clouds

Tories ‘cannot be trusted’, after screeching economic U-turn

UNISON general secretary says there must be a general election now, as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt reverses many of the measures in his predecessor’s mini-budget

This government has run out of road, says UNISON

Chancellor’s sacking and economic chaos mean government must go

Country needs a new government, not just a change of PM

Cabinet shares responsibility with Boris Johnson for state of the UK

In the fight of our lives

General secretary Dave Prentis has a message for UNISON members and their families, explaining why he will be voting for Labour on 12 December

Britain needs a government that invests in public services, says UNISON

Leaders’ debate shows Boris Johnson is out of touch

A month of perennial change

But championing and defending our members are always on UNISON’s agenda

Don’t let the weather silence your voice: apply for a postal vote

A winter election means it’s likely to be cold and dark – and you’ll be busy preparing for Christmas – but don’t let that put you off: vote from the comfort of your own home

Going from strength to strength

UNISON NEC prepares to Go for Growth in November