Care sector pushed to brink by staffing catastrophe

Care employees have been undervalued and ignored for too long.

Government can’t keep ignoring social care crisis

Tens of thousands of older people and those with disabilities aren’t getting the care they desperately need

President Jopsie Bird at the end of special delegate conference receives gifts and applause

Conference ends with urgent call for fairer workplaces

Delegates look to building a better future when the pandemic is finally over

Stage set for UNISON's 2021 virtual special delegate conference

The COVID experience: difficult to talk about, but vital that we do

Conference hears of the experiences of NHS workers in the pandemic – and debates what is needed to restore and improve the health service and social care

List of failures shows how little government understands about care sector

Overhaul of care needed now

Compulsory vaccinations for care staff are the wrong approach

Study shows compulsory jabs could hinder take-up

UNISON campaigning for a living wage graphic

Public service workers aren’t fooled by this April’s pay rise

Workers across the public sector are losing billions as employers fail to pay a decent wage

Social care reform can’t be put off

Care home residents, their families and care workers will feel angry at the absence of a plan

Chancellor ‘ducking decision’ to reform social care, says UNISON

Gavin Edwards says Rishi Sunak must act now to fund major overhaul of the sector

People must come before profit in reformed social care system

Social care provision must mirror the structure and ethos of the NHS

Providing care near the end of life, yet still undervalued and underpaid

Clap for carers was a ‘cute idea’, but care workers would rather be paid properly for what they do

Undoing the NHS market a necessary step, but absence of a plan for social care disappointing

A well-funded national care service that mirrors the NHS is needed now

‘I wish the government understood’ – why carers need a real wage

UNISON is campaigning for carers to be paid a real living wage and here, care worker Gail explains just a little of why their work should be rewarded properly

‘Stand up for care workers!’ is the passionate call from UNISON rally

Rally hears speakers from across the political spectrum, together with NGOs and celebrities, calling for social care to treated on a par with the NHS

Vote for your health heroes

‘Now, more than ever, it’s vitally important that the work of the entire NHS family is recognised and celebrated’, says UNISON