Skills boot camps for the unemployed a desperate attempt to distract from government failings

Forcing unemployed into care jobs with poor wages is not the answer

Raising pay is crucial step in ending social care crisis

Fair pay agreement is best way forward

Government’s approach to care visas allows dodgy employers to exploit migrant staff

If ministers had even a basic grasp of the sector, they would have reformed it long ago.

Government neglect of care has led to low level of public satisfaction, says UNISON

Commenting on the findings from the British Social Attitudes Survey, published by the King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust which show falling levels of public satisfaction with social care, UNISON head of social care Gavin Edwards said:

Care has gone into a tailspin under this government

Next government must make social care a priority

Migrant family ban makes no sense without proper reform of social care, says UNISON

The ban means overseas care staff will be much less likely to come to work in the UK. But migrant workers are still very much needed

Care changes are a start but won’t solve staffing crisis

What’s needed is the proper reform that can only come from a national care service.

Government should focus on fixing social care, not playing politics with people’s lives

Higher pay needed to boost workforce

Cruel migration plans are a disaster for health and social care

Government accused of playing roulette with essential services just to placate its backbenchers and the far-right

Council funding boost will do nothing to fix deep-rooted problems in social care

What’s needed is a national care service that’s adequately funded, with proper standards and fair pay for its workforce.

Government must drop cruel migrant curbs and end exploitation in social care

The care system would implode without migrant care staff.

Jenrick plan to cap migrant workers would collapse care system, says UNISON

Instead of seeking solutions to serious problems, ministers are demonising migrant workers and seeking scapegoats

Government must invest in social care to drive the economy, says report     

A properly funded social care system should be the backbone of a thriving economy.  

A Labour government is what working people need, says UNISON

Change needed after 13 years of declining living standards and harm to public services

New funding brings temporary relief to care but much more is needed, says UNISON

Without a long-term plan to solve care’s staffing crisis, the sector will remain many thousands of employees short.