New funding brings temporary relief to care but much more is needed, says UNISON

Without a long-term plan to solve care’s staffing crisis, the sector will remain many thousands of employees short. 

Threat to block public sector pay rises proves government’s out of ideas, says UNISON

Pay is key to turning around the staffing emergency.

Winter plan for Covid urgently needed, says UNISON

Winter is coming and the virus is staging a comeback.

Government guidance for schools increases Covid risk and threatens learning, warns UNISON

Unsafe practices and inappropriate arrangements to cover for teachers aren’t the way to protect education.

Testing changes must not be used in isolation, says UNISON

Public service workers were already under huge strain to maintain services and Omicron absences have ratcheted the pressure to new levels.

Government must act right away to prevent disruption in schools, say unions

It’s not too late for ministers to introduce additional measures to protect pupils, staff and their families before Christmas.

Schools risk support staff exodus over pay, warns UNISON 

Many have reached a point where they simply can’t afford to stay in the job they love.

Government’s “alarming” approach abandons children to the risks of Covid

The government’s alarming approach abandons children to a highly transmissible virus spreading at a record pace through schools

Face coverings in schools make staff feel safer​

Face coverings in schools have only been in place for a few weeks​. Lifting this measure before the impact on transmission in schools ​has had time to be assessed would be rash.

School support staff fear ‘big bang’ return’ to school is a safety risk

Workers worry measures to keep them safe aren’t up to the job

Portrait of Jon Richards

Blog: UNISON delivers stunning blow on exit payments

Head of local government Jon Richards looks back at the latest Westminster U-turn – this time, after a legal challenge to its unfair plans

Government must use the time schools are closed to make them safer

Everyone wants schools to reopen fully but they must be safe

Ministers must wake up to the Covid threat in nurseries

New report paints a stark picture of the fear and anxiety

Government must help struggling councils urgently

Many are already on the brink financially

Testing plans need more detail

Government appears more concerned with headline grabbing