Leaving school staff alone to battle Covid threat is reckless

Absence of guidance causing anxiety and confusion

Government must row back from reckless ditching of Covid rules, say education unions 

Scrapping all safety requirements in schools could cause further Covid surge

Government guidance for schools increases Covid risk and threatens learning, warns UNISON

Unsafe practices and inappropriate arrangements to cover for teachers aren’t the way to protect education.

Extra Covid measures should have been introduced weeks ago

Air filters and masks welcome but nowhere near enough

Education unions call for additional safety measures in schools

UNISON among unions calling for action to halt rising rates

Face mask mistakes have left parents and children “high and dry”, says UNISON

Coverings should not have been hastily ditched

Ending school bubbles and isolation will be dangerous, says UNISON

Rolling back safety measures risks spread

Bring back face coverings to limit school Covid disruption

Education unions issue joint statement

Publish data on school Covid variant cases now, say unions

More information needed due to growing concerns

Removing the need for masks in schools “too much, too soon”, says UNISON

Return to normality must be done safely

Decision to keep face coverings is the right move, says UNISON

Important measure to stop infection spread

A ‘big bang’ reopening of schools is ‘unnecessary and reckless’, says UNISON

Union says a phased return of all schools and colleges in England from 8 March will protect pupils and staff

Education unions need answers from education secretary

Safety concerns for staff about increased pupil numbers

Close nurseries to all except vulnerable and key-worker children

Vaccine priority must be extended to nursery and school staff

Ministers must delay school reopening by a fortnight, says UNISON

Goverment must act immediately for primary schools