UNISON delegation at ETUC rally in Brussels

UNISON joins Brussels protest against austerity

“We are marching united with unions from across the European continent in a powerful display against austerity and for a fair deal for workers”

Thirteen years of Conservative austerity have left public services reeling

Christina McAnea outlines damage to TUC and urges investment from next government

Avoid outsourcing services unless there’s a clear public benefit, says UNISON

Christina McAnea says essential public services should be run for the public, not for profit

Growth won’t happen without strong public services

Chancellor can find the money when it suits him

Chancellor must not cut public services to fix economy, says UNISON

Widening gap between pay and prices is leaving services on verge of collapse

Government should focus on those in need rather than foolish tax cuts

Disturbing that government took a week to see sense

Government must stop the chaos and abandon its disastrous financial experiment, says UNISON

Borrowing to fund huge tax cuts for the super wealthy has taken the UK economy to the brink.

A Labour government can’t come soon enough, says UNISON

Labour in power would understand that well-funded public services, with properly paid staff, help grow the economy.

Genuine living wage and public service investment show why Labour should be in government

Pledges will shape decent society and fuel the economy

Book review – Uncommon Wealth: Britain and the Aftermath of Empire

Kojo Koram punctures the collective amnesia about the British Empire, proving its stark relevance to the daily machinations of the British state in 2022

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Testing changes must not be used in isolation, says UNISON

Public service workers were already under huge strain to maintain services and Omicron absences have ratcheted the pressure to new levels.

Government must get a grip on fuel crisis to protect essential services, says UNISON

Key workers mustn’t be left stranded or forced to queue for hours simply to get to a pump.

Invest in the health workforce and public services to learn pandemic lessons

Keynote speech renews call for immediate pandemic inquiry

A new post-pandemic deal is needed for public services

Covid has had a profound effect on public service staff

UNISON campaign urges public to use votes to show support for public service staff

Pay freeze should be on voters’ minds