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Proper wage boost the answer as inflation reaches new high

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Decent public sector pay rise is crucial as inflation climbs ever higher

New price-rise figures show illustrate need for pay boost

Ministers must do much more to support the hard-up as inflation hits another high, says UNISON

Boost to public sector wages and benefits are a must

arrow shooting up through a bag of groceries showing rising cost

Blog: UK government can – and must – act on cost of living

HMRC mileage rates are woefully out of date and sorting this out is just one way to help struggling workers

Government must act to relieve the relentless pressure on household incomes, says UNISON 

A decent pay rise might prove just enough to persuade key workers to stay.

Christina McAnea

Squeezing wages won’t halt soaring living costs, says UNISON 

Christina McAnea says government must deliver the cash for above-inflation wage rises

Inflation rise terrible news for families and public services, says UNISON

The soaring cost of living means growing anxiety for low-income families.

Rising prices have left public service pay ‘well and truly behind’, says UNISON 

Pay awards and wage offers significantly below the cost of living will do nothing to address the growing staffing crises in health and care

Public service workers are falling way behind spiralling living costs

Rocketing inflation leaves staff struggling and harms recruitment

UNISON responds to latest inflation figures

Commenting today (Tuesday) on the rise in inflation, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “With inflation at its highest level in six years, many public service workers are facing a bleak Christmas. “With wages now lagging even further behind the cost of living, the government’s punishing pay cap is pushing families to the brink. It’s […]

UNISON comments on latest inflation figures

The government needs to take action in next week’s budget