Let us work for a better future: drop the Trade Union Bill

The Trade Union Bill currently before Parliament is unfair, unnecessary and undemocratic. MPs need to focus on the real problems the country faces and talk to us about how we can work together for a better future. UNISON is campaigning with the TUC and other unions to oppose this attack on the rights of working people […]

woman holding living wage sign

The Living Wage

The idea behind a living wage is very simple: that a person should be paid enough to live decently and to adequately provide for their family. At its heart is an ethical argument for preventing in-work poverty and ensuring workers are not exploited through low wages.

Stars in our schools graphic

Stars in our schools

Celebrate stars in our schools on 27 November 2015 Stars in our Schools is a celebration of school support staff. UNISON has organised the day to celebrate the wonderful work they do every day and to make sure the world knows just how vital they are to children’s education.  

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Save Care Now

The current system of homecare is failing the people who receive it and the people who provide it. UNISON is campaigning for more funding and better quality homecare services. Visit the Save Care Now campaign website.

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NPS members: Switch to direct debit

If you work for the National Probation Service (NPS) you will no longer be able to pay your UNISON subs direct from your salary from the end of September. Your UNISON membership gives you essential cover at work. And in these uncertain times in the National Probation Service you can’t afford to lose that protection.

a probation worker with a man

Probation pay

All UNISON members working for the National Probation Service and community rehabilitation companies in England and Wales will strike on Monday 14 September. The three-hour strike – their second –  will be followed by two and a half weeks of action short of strike, with members working strictly to their contracted hours.


Meat inspectors deserve fair pay

Meat inspectors, official veterinarians and support staff employed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in England, Wales and Scotland are in a dispute over pay. Two four-hour walkouts took place on Tuesday 26 August and Wednesday 27 August 2014. UNISON is now in discussions with the employer and ACAS to find a resolution to the dispute.

two hospital chefs

One team for patient care

UNISON is campaigning to ensure everyone who works in our NHS is valued, whatever role they fill. Every day NHS support staff work around the clock to dispense medicines, maintain vital equipment, order medical supplies, book appointments, pay bills, manage computer systems, clean, cook, do the laundry and oversee the day-to-day running of our NHS […]

Cut crime not police staff Key Issue

Police staff pay and conditions

Police staff deserve fair pay. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem.

ambulance workers

NHS pay

This year most NHS staff won’t get a cost of living pay rise. UNISON believes that this is an insult to our members in the NHS and the vital work they do. The real value of pay in the NHS has been falling for five years. A third of staff don’t get paid enough to […]

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Keeping homes warm and meeting the UK’s energy challenges

The UK is facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to energy – from thousands of deaths caused by fuel poverty to a rapidly diminishing gas supply, and the danger of missing legally binding targets on carbon emissions.

People campaign against TTIP

Stop TTIP (and other harmful EU Trade Agreements)

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed trade deal between the EU and US that presents a profound threat to public services.

Save our local services key issue thumbnail

Save Our Local Services

Council services are with you in the good times – births, marriages, leisure, learning – and the bad times – illness, floods, abuse, homelessness. But now the services that were built up over many years to make your community a decent and safe place to live are being dismantled.

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NMC fees

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has decided to consult on a proposal to increase the annual registration fee from £100 to £120. It plans to consult from May to July. If the council agrees to the rise at its October meeting, it would be introduced from February 2015.

999 NHS campaign graphic

999 – answer the call for your NHS

The NHS is under threat from privatisation and cuts. The Tory health act has pushed the profit motive to the heart of the English NHS. Key treatments are being restricted, services cut and jobs lost, resulting in increased waiting times, delays and staff shortages on our wards. Restricted funding settlements are also affecting Scotland, Wales […]