Save Union Learning

This is a crucial moment for our economy. So the government’s decision to scrap funding for workplace learning makes no sense at all. Join the campaign to reverse the cuts.

British Gas: standing up for our members

The company has served notice on its entire workforce and is pushing employees to accept significantly worse terms and conditions of employment.

Give all NHS staff a decent pay rise

All NHS staff, whatever their jobs, are on the front line in the fight against coronavirus. That’s why we’re campaigning for a £2000 pay rise for all NHS staff.

Clean schools, safer schools

The government must put its money where its mouth is and fund proper school cleaning to make schools safer for September. Join our campaign.

5 demands for a national care service

The time for talking is over. A national care service is the only way to prevent more deaths. We need a resilient system, like the NHS. The UK’s response to the coronavirus left vulnerable people and the heroes that care for them unprotected. Never again. It’s time for a national care service. We have 5 demands we […]

Stop the Spread

Care workers are on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19. Caring for those most vulnerble to the virus, care workers must be able to self-isolate if they show symptoms. Yet care workers cannot afford to do this. This puts  public health at risk. Help us to demand #FullPayForCarers to #StopTheSpread.

Protect higher education

Without crisis funding from the government, universities risk going under due to COVID-19. Join our campaign to protect higher education staff and students, sustain public services and rebuild our economy.

PPE Not Promises

Too many staff feel forced to put themselves in harm’s way every time they go to work because of a shocking lack of PPE. Time for action – and you can help.

Worker installing solar panels outdoors


Find out how you can get involved in our Green UNISON work.

Care Workers for Change

Care is in crisis, thanks to a system that has been underfunded and ignored by governments for years. Care workers and the people that they look after are paying the price. That’s why we are campaigning for decent jobs, quality services and fair funding. We have a plan to win but we need your help.

One Wage Any Age

Same rate for the same job, right? Wrong. You can be paid less in the UK because of your age. That’s why UNISON young members are campaigning for all workers to be paid the real living wage.


Sexual harassment isn’t just problem for celebrities. It’s happening in ordinary workplaces everywhere. Join our campaign to make workplaces harassment-free zones.

Local Service Champions

A huge network of people work together to keep our local communities going. Yet very few of us probably recognise the vital local services that we come into contact with everyday. It’s time to give our local service champions the recognition they deserve.

Bridge The Gap

In the UK, on average, men earn 18% more than women. This is our gender pay gap. Find out how it happens and what UNISON is doing to bridge it.

CHANGE Universal Credit

Thousands of UNISON members are being hit by universal credit chaos. Stories of lives devastated, people left penniless and families driven to foodbanks. We are determined to make decision makers listen. And it is your personal experience that will spur them to do something.