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Protect our children’s education

Schools in England are facing average cuts of 8% per pupil by 2020. We’ve partnered with other unions to campaign against these cuts. Find out how you can take action.

Unison student nurses protest, Save Our NHS Bursaries. Department of Health. Whitehall, London.

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Investing in the future of the NHS

The most important resource for the NHS is its staff – nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. But the government has scrapped NHS bursaries in England for these student healthcare professionals and replaced them with tuition fees and loans from August 2017.


Mental health matters

Mental health services across the UK are struggling as a result of chronic underfunding and increased demand. This is having a negative effect on people who use these services and on the health and wellbeing of the staff who provide them. UNISON is the largest union in the NHS and we believe there should be […]

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Public Service Champions

Every hour of every day, people who work in public services help make everyone’s lives better.


Ambulance Emergency

In September we announced that the NHS Staff Council had agreed to publish a new Band 6 paramedic profile along with technical guidance from JEG to help local matching panels evaluate their current paramedic roles. It has taken a little longer than hoped but we are very pleased to welcome the publication of the profile […]

Winners of Health Heroes awards

One team for patient care

UNISON is campaigning to ensure everyone who works in our NHS is valued, whatever role they fill.

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Save Our Local Services

Council services are there for you when you need them, making your community a decent and safe place to live. But years of Westminster’s savage spending cuts have forced councils to scale back services.