Enough is enough

Council and school workers’ pay has been frozen for years. UNISON is demanding fair pay for council and school workers

Save Our Services

Catastrophic cuts are facing vital services. But you can stand up for your community and demand emergency funding to #SaveOurServices.

NHS pay – be counted

NHS pay rise

UNISON wanted to get you the NHS pay deal you really deserve, but instead the government imposed 3% in England. Do you want to take action over 3%?

Worker installing solar panels outdoors


Find out how you can get involved in our Green UNISON work.


Sexual harassment isn’t just problem for celebrities. It’s happening in ordinary workplaces everywhere. Join our campaign to make workplaces harassment-free zones.

Local Service Champions

A huge network of people work together to keep our local communities going. Yet very few of us probably recognise the vital local services that we come into contact with everyday. It’s time to give our local service champions the recognition they deserve.

Bridge The Gap

In the UK, on average, men earn 18% more than women. This is our gender pay gap. Find out how it happens and what UNISON is doing to bridge it.

Photo of NHS operational services staff. One Team for patient care

One team for patient care

UNISON is campaigning to ensure everyone who works in our NHS is valued, whatever role they fill.