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Get direct debit ready

The Trade Union Bill, currently being debated in parliament, may mean the way you pay for your union membership will have to change to direct debit.


Save the NHS bursary

The government plans to force nurses into debt of at least £51,600 by making them pay the entire bill for their training, even though nurses spend 50% of their training time working for the NHS on clinical placements, and their starting salary is £22,799.

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Pay justice for school and council workers

UNISON wants pay justice for everyone working in schools and local government.


Let us work for a better future: drop the Trade Union Bill

The Trade Union Bill currently before Parliament is unfair, unnecessary and undemocratic. MPs need to focus on the real problems the country faces and talk to us about how we can work together for a better future.

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Save Care Now

The current system of homecare is failing the people who receive it and the people who provide it. UNISON is campaigning for more funding and better quality homecare services. Visit the Save Care Now campaign website.

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One team for patient care

UNISON is campaigning to ensure everyone who works in our NHS is valued, whatever role they fill. This campaign aims to promote the message amongst the public, politicians and media of the great work that support staff do every day in the NHS. UNISON knows that all staff no matter what their role play an […]

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Save Our Local Services

Council services are there for you when you need them, making your community a decent and safe place to live. But years of Westminster’s savage spending cuts have forced councils to scale back services.