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National Care Service

Social care is broken. The current fragmented and privatised system is unfit to meet the needs of everyone who relies upon it. But a better way is possible.

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Bringing Services Home

Welcome to our Bringing Services Home campaign. Here you can find the resources that you and your UNISON branch will need to start to build a campaign to bring services in-house wherever you work. UNISON believes that public services belong in public ownership. Over the years UNISON members have seen first-hand the negative impact of […]

NJC: Council and school pay

Council and school workers’ pay has been frozen for years. UNISON is demanding fair pay for council and school workers

Save Our Services

Vital services are facing catastrophic cuts. But you can stand up for your community, campaign to protect jobs and demand more funding to #SaveOurServices.

Local Service Champions

A huge network of people work together to keep our local communities going. Yet very few of us probably recognise the vital local services that we come into contact with everyday. It’s time to give our local service champions the recognition they deserve.