Watch the video and email your MP to ask them to #SaveOurServices

Vital local services are turning to dust. But we can #SaveOurServices – with your help.

Libraries are shutting, waste collections are reducing, and social services are shrinking. More and more essential services that we all rely on every day are crumbling away.

Watch the video to find out what is happening to our communities:

Local services are facing devastating cuts. During the pandemic councils had to spend billions to protect the most vulnerable and lost crucial income as the country went into lockdown. They kept the country going and provided invaluable support yet after 13 years of cuts, local services were already stretched, particularly in deprived areas where harsher cuts were targeted. Now, local councils are at breaking point.

Local services must be resilient and properly funded, yet even our most basic services are facing drastic cuts because of an unacceptable lack of funding from the government in Westminster.

What can we do?

The funding shortfall for councils is a record £3.5bn, affecting vital services we rely on everyday. Use our map to see the shortfall in your council.

Visit our council cuts map

Local services will turn to dust without emergency government funding now. That’s why we are calling on Westminster to #SaveOurServices. And you can help – click to use out tool to send an email to your MP* now, it takes 1 minute.

Email your MP

* If you’re in Scotland you can also email your MSP, and in Wales your MS, using our tool as the devolved governments control how much money councils get there.

If you’re a UNISON activist, check out the campaign toolkit and download campaign graphics here.

If you’re a UNISON branch secretary, we’ve created a template email you can send to your colleagues to encourage them to use our interactive map and lobby their MP:

View our template email here


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