Online catalogue

The online catalogue is the way for branches to make bulk orders of UNISON stock items, such as leaflets, posters and handbooks and various organising and recruitment materials.

We’re releasing the new online catalogue and shop in beta version much earlier than we originally planned. And now we’d like you to help us improve it and tell us how it can work better for you!

Go to the online catalogue


Returning customers will be registered as new customers with your email details the first time you use this site and checkout. You do not need member or branch IDs or login codes to use the site or order materials.

Pay online

We accept bank card, bank transfer or direct debit for payment only. Paying by cheque will delay delivery of your order. If you can only pay by cheque, please email with your requirements


Orders have a delivery time of three to five working days. Please bear this in mind, as orders cannot be fast-tracked once you have confirmed them. If your order is urgent please email with your requirements and urgency and we will try to help.

Your feedback

When you visit the site and place an order, let us know how we can improve – finding what you need, getting round the site, how clear the instructions are, if it’s hard to place an order, if you need more information on products or ordering.

If you prefer, you can send screenshots to us on our form and point out what’s not working for you.

Some stuff we’ll be testing and finding out ourselves, other things we won’t know unless you tell us. We won’t be able to put everything right straight away, but we’ll work on the feedback you give us to improve the site.

Give us your feedback