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  • I can’t access some pages on the site

    The site contains a lot of employment advice, legal advice and other information – so some pages are for members only or reps only.

    You will need to register on the site first and then log in. If you are flagged with our membership system (the RMS) as an activist, then you will automatically have access to those pages on the website that are for activists only.

    If you still can’t access those pages, contact your branch or region to check your are correctly flagged in the RMS as an activist.

  • How can I make a complaint?

    UNISON exists to help and represent our members.

    If you feel that you have not received the standard of service you expect from UNISON, we have a complaints procedure so that:

    • anyone wishing to make a complaint knows how to do so;
    • the union responds to the complaint quickly and in a courteous and efficient way;
    • members’ complaints are taken seriously and properly dealt with.


    See the UNISON complaints procedure [PDF]

    The union learns from complaints and where complaints are found to be justified, we will take the necessary measures.

  • I used to be able to access a page or document on your old site but cannot find it now: why not?

    This is a new website with a slightly different structure.

    Most of the content is in the same place as on the old site, but the information you want may well be in a different place. Check our UNISON Knowledge database and our Get Help pages.

    UNISON Knowledge 

    Get Help section

    If the information you’re looking for isn’t on the new site, it’s probably because it’s out of date.

    But if you still feel there is a vital piece of information from the previous website that is missing, please let us know and the web team will deal with your request

    Please provide as much detail as possible about the missing information so that we can track it down.

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  • I have got a non-work problem – who do I contact?

    UNISON’s personal injury service covers any accident which happens to you and your family outside the workplace.

    Read more about help with issues at home.