Scotland’s FE workers to strike on Tuesday 6 September

First national strike will take place in support of fair pay and parity with lecturer colleagues


Higher education members vote on strike action over pay

Higher education members will be voting over strike action as a result of a 1.1% pay offer for the majority of staff.


UNISON prepares to make its mark at TUC Congress

Key issues will feature in debate and congress will recognise the work of activists Darren Barber and Margaret McKee

Don’t scrap the Human Rights Act

We will fight this calculated attack on our hard won rights and freedoms alongside Amnesty International, Liberty, the British Institution of Human Rights and others


School stars are rising

The build-up to this year’s Stars in Our Schools celebration is under way

NEC by-election result for Wales female seat

Angela Roberts has been elected to the UNISON national executive council and takes office immediately

Service group executive by-elections

By-elections are to be held for vacant seats on all seven of the union’s service group executives, with nominations opening on 6 September

UNISON calls for council oversight of academy school finances

Friday 26 August 2016 For immediate release Responding to the Local Government Association call for councils to have oversight of academy school finances, UNISON national secretary for education Jon Richards said: “UNISON has raised cases of suspected financial irregularity with the Department for Education, Education Funding Agency and the National Audit Office, all of which […]


Colombia still needs human rights monitoring despite peace deal

UNISON calls for renewed pressure on right-wing paramilitary groups, as the peace process moves towards a referendum

There must be a level playing field for career and pay progression

Four decades after the Equal Pay Act and with a vast array of equal rights legislation on the books, this shouldn’t still be happening. Yet there’s ample evidence that women with children are denied the same opportunities for promotion received by their male colleagues – a clear and obvious motherhood penalty.


Women penalised financially for having children

Women with children face a wider gender pay gap, says a new report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies

Wages standstill sees over a million low-income families struggle with extreme debt, says TUC

More than a million families with a household income below £30,000 are in extreme debt, and ongoing wage stagnation is making the problem worse, according to a new report published today (Tuesday) by the TUC and UNISON. The report, Britain in the Red, finds that total unsecured debt (which excludes mortgages) for UK households rose […]

No-one should be forced to choose between paying the rent and feeding their kids

Over three million households (one in eight UK households) are paying more than 25% of their household income on repaying unsecured debts.


More than a million families struggle with extreme debt

Stagnant wages make problem worse for families struggling with low pay


Under pressure, underfunded and undervalued

Laying bare the experiences of more than 2,200 UNISON members working in councils and schools, delivering the local services we all rely on