‘Why I ♡ UNISON? It saved me from losing my job, my home, my whole way of life’

The issue of losing my tax credits was keeping me awake at night: as a single mum I didn’t know how I was going to provide for my family

This is a law designed to cut off criticism at a time when there is much to criticise

Not for the first time, this government has underestimated our great movement. So we will fight all the battles to come. And we’ll overcome whatever hurdles are placed in our way.


♡ UNISON: ‘come together’ urges Wendy Nichols

UNISON president issues call as activists and members get out and about to spread pride in the union

‘Library cuts slow down research into my local area’

A local government member tells us about the effect of cuts on his community’s archive


Striking makes a difference

During heart UNISON week it’s worth remembering that while taking strike action is never easy, the results can make a huge difference to people’s lives

Violence against health workers unacceptable, says UNISON

Commenting on new research published today (Monday) by the TUC that says health employees are the most likely to experience violence at work, UNISON head of health Christina McAnea said: “Sadly these figures confirm the evidence from the NHS itself that the level of violence against medical and health care workers is unacceptably high. “It’s especially […]

UNISON celebrates trade unions in the community

Cymru Wales members will be taking to high streets and workplaces next week to celebrate union achievements

Together, we can help remove the barriers to understanding mental health

UNISON will continue to campaign for better mental health services, and workplaces that support those who need support. Together, we can help remove the barriers to understanding mental health.

UNISON warns outsourcing will not solve NHS financial problems

Responding to the Carter Review on NHS operational productivity UNISON head of health Christina McAnea said: “Of course every effort should be made to cut waste and inefficiency in the NHS and to make economies of scale where possible. “Repealing the Health and Social Care Act would be a good first step. The legislation has not […]

Caution tape

♡ UNISON: it’s a life saver

Health and safety saves lives, and UNISON reps are at the forefront of that work

♡ UNISON: the union is improving the health trust I work for

I work with people who have memory problems. I’m a community psychiatric nurse so I go to the homes of people who have Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.

two hospital chefs

MPs warned of short-termist threat to NHS support roles

NHS needs top operate as one team in the interests of joined-up, high-quality patient care

♡ UNISON: it stands up for the whole NHS team

Annette is a medical secretary in Scotland who loves that UNISON stands up for the whole NHS

Dave Prentis was joined by activists as he signed UNISON up to the mental health initiative, Blue Light. Photo: Amanda Kendal

UNISON signs emergency services mental heath initiative

Union pledges support for initiative to reduce mental health discrimination and support blue-light workers in England

Zero. Nothing. Zilch. That’s not an offer, it’s an insult

Strike action is never taken on a whim – but sometimes it’s the only option when every other avenue has been exhausted.