Workers in councils and schools should reject low pay offer, says UNISON

Staff to be consulted over employers’ pay proposal

UNISON centre sign

Statement in solidarity with student protests for Gaza

Peaceful protests, encampments and occupations on university campuses have played an important role in many struggles against injustices in the world

Gas stove

UNISON raises concerns over UK energy security

National Grid plans to put the biggest natural gas terminal on the market

Election can’t come soon enough, says UNISON

A new government that value public services is needed desperately

Skills boot camps for the unemployed a desperate attempt to distract from government failings

Forcing unemployed into care jobs with poor wages is not the answer

old-fashioned tap with water running from it

Opinion: The water industry is a national scandal

Privatisation has meant failing water infrastructure, increased sewage spillages and reduced confidence in the safety of drinking water, while shareholders pocket billions

Christina McAnea, arms folded, in front of conference stage - 'Fighting for our future'

UNISON opinion: Supporting our LGBT+ members is crucial

Today’s international day against homophobia, bi+phobia and transphobia comes as the UK has slipped down the rainbow map rankings

Councils need proper funding not further efficiency savings

The best way for councils to run efficient services is for them to be adequately resourced and staffed.

Council and school staff pay offer falls short

UNISON will decide next steps over NJC pay

Investment not wishful thinking is key to fixing the NHS

Government announcement is deflection from its health failures

Government failure to fix NHS buildings puts patients and staff at risk

Hospitals and equipment in no fit state to deliver proper care

Christina McAnea, arms folded, in front of conference stage - 'Fighting for our future'

UNISON opinion: Your vote matters

Don’t miss out as the deadline approaches in the union’s service group executive elections

Raising pay is crucial step in ending social care crisis

Fair pay agreement is best way forward

Who wins, you decide Vote in the SGE elections graphic

Service group elections – don’t miss the chance to vote

Service groups influence your work life – you have until Friday 17 May to get your vote in

Christina McAnea

UNISON opinion: PM should call an immediate general election

Voters in council elections have deserted the Conservatives over their party’s failure to properly fund local services