Christina McAnea

Opinion: Taking the chance to fix what’s been broken for too long

There will be challenges ahead, but the King’s Speech paints a picture of a government ready to rebuild and restore

Filling the skills gap is vital for a prosperous UK economy

Skills England will help tackle shortages ignored for years

Council and school workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland asked to vote on possible strike action, says UNISON

Thousands of social workers, teaching assistants, planning officers, caretakers and other school and council staff are to be asked if they’re prepared to take strike action over this year’s pay offer, says their union UNISON today (Friday). The move follows a recent consultation concerning the 2024/25 wage rise for local authority and school workers in […]

UK Covid-19 Inquiry shows austerity was ‘reckless self-sabotage’

The same mistakes can never be repeated.

King’s Speech sets out plans to start mending broken public services

Labour’s workplace rights package promises to be a game changer.

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Political fund ballot – saving UNISON’s campaign voice

UNISON’s 10-year ballot is now underway – it opened on 15 July and closes on 16 August

‘Doom loop’ in health and care must stop

The previous government was guilty of neglecting care.

UNISON post-election parliamentary House of Lords reception, Angela Rayner and CHristina McAnea speaking from a podium.

UNISON’s voice is at the heart of government

After Labour’s landslide election victory, UNISON congratulated and welcomed new and returning MPs with links to the union

UNISON members speak out about the renting crisis

After hosting roundtables with 19 UNISON members to discuss their experiences, UNISON has published a report on what needs to change for renters

Ofwat has been asleep at the wheel

A complete overhaul in the management of the industry is urgently needed.

Christina McAnea

Opinion: A new dawn for public services – a hopeful vision under Labour

Investing in public services is more than just a budgetary choice; it’s a moral duty

At last the UK has a prime minister who understands the value of public service

Fresh approach from new PM can’t come soon enough

A Labour government can now press the reset button for public services, says UNISON

Investment in communities, health and care must be at the heart of change

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UNISON to hold 10-year political fund ballot

Ballot papers will be going out to all 1.3 million members from 15 July asking whether or not UNISON should keep its political fund

Low-income NHS staff paying the price for wage delays

Staff earning least in the NHS are losing access to schemes to reduce or spread their costs