UNISON calls for council oversight of academy school finances

Friday 26 August 2016 For immediate release Responding to the Local Government Association call for councils to have oversight of academy school finances, UNISON national secretary for education Jon Richards said: “UNISON has raised cases of suspected financial irregularity with the Department for Education, Education Funding Agency and the National Audit Office, all of which […]


Colombia still needs human rights monitoring despite peace deal

UNISON calls for renewed pressure on right-wing paramilitary groups, as the peace process moves towards a referendum

There must be a level playing field for career and pay progression

Four decades after the Equal Pay Act and with a vast array of equal rights legislation on the books, this shouldn’t still be happening. Yet there’s ample evidence that women with children are denied the same opportunities for promotion received by their male colleagues – a clear and obvious motherhood penalty.


Women penalised financially for having children

Women with children face a wider gender pay gap, says a new report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies

No-one should be forced to choose between paying the rent and feeding their kids

Over three million households (one in eight UK households) are paying more than 25% of their household income on repaying unsecured debts.


More than a million families struggle with extreme debt

Stagnant wages make problem worse for families struggling with low pay


Under pressure, underfunded and undervalued

Laying bare the experiences of more than 2,200 UNISON members working in councils and schools, delivering the local services we all rely on


Union sets up network to support members who are EU citizens

Union will be producing information for members from the EU and their families to reassure them of their rights


MPs to discuss workers’ rights post-Brexit

UNISON backs private members’ bill and launches its new network for EU members

Children playing in the park

UNISON leads campaign to save Bolton children’s centres

Union launches protest after council announces merger plan that will see two thirds of centres closed

Joining the campaign for better conditions at Sports Direct

Sports Direct are the face of bad work conditions at present. If they want that to change, they need to be proactive. Allowing a full, independent investigation of what it’s like to work there is a crucial first step – and UNISON will continue to work with other unions and shareholders to fight for that.


Scottish college workers vote to strike in pay dispute

College employers urged to use negotiations on 25 August to agee pay fairness or strikes will mark the start of new academic year


How much have higher education workers lost?

UNISON launches ‘salary loss calculator’ for UK university staff ahead of September’s industrial action ballot


UNISON sets out its own Olympian stall in Birmingham

Union hosts community sporting event to help build relationships across the community and raise UNISON’s profile

Cut crime not police staff Key Issue

What do Olympians and the champions of our public services have in common?

The work that public servants do each and every day is more important than sporting prowess, but it will rarely receive a medal, will rarely headline the evening news or the front pages of the paper and is no recipe for fame and celebrity. But the very least the champions of our public services deserve is – like our Olympians – to receive the resources they need.