Glen Carrington addressing health conference

Why insourcing isn’t always a win

Health conference hears of situations where ‘insourcing’ actually means bringing a private company into the NHS to provide services

Sarah Parkinson addressing UNISON's health service group conference

Delegates support calls on wellbeing and health and safety

‘Let’s commit to fostering a workplace where every woman feels valued’

Let more NHS staff work flexibly to help solve staffing crisis

Survey shows requests being denied and many workers unaware they can apply

Health conference: Divided we fall

Debate turned to terms and conditions within the Agenda for Change framework in Brighton on Tuesday afternoon

Health: ‘The government treats us like April fools’ on pay

Pay dominated proceedings at health conference, today, with the upcoming UNISON consultation top of the agenda

Health workers deserve better than this government

The government’s chaos and failure in the NHS must end, Christina McAnea tells health delegates

Christina McAnea addressing UNISON's health conference

Opinion: Every day, UNISON is fighting for our NHS

After 14 years of Tory failure, it’s UNISON’s mission to defend the NHS from being driven into complete rack and ruin

Christina McAnea addressing UNISON's health conference

Christina McAnea leads applause for successful UNISON strikers

General secretary stresses the power of UNISON in address to health conference

Health conference 2024, Brighton photo stunt in solidarity with Palestinian health workers

Conference stands with Palestinian health workers

Richard Pyle from Medical Aid for Palestinians spoke to health conference detailing the harrowing situation in Gaza, where 484 healthcare workers have been killed

A new deal for health staff

Union continues to stand up for healthcare assistants, admin staff and paramedics with a range of practical support

Annette Heslop speaking at health conference

Barriers for disabled staff in the health service need to be lowered

Reasonable adjustments for healthcare students on clinical placements, accessibility passports, and disability and carers’ leave all discussed at health conference

View from the back of the conference hall down to the platform and stage set during the debates on racism in the NHS

UNISON will continue to strengthen the Race for Equality campaign

‘Racism exists in the NHS’ – a report shows, for instance, 63% of Black workers feel they’re subjected to greater scrutiny than white colleagues

Adam Williams moving a motion on UNISON's Yea of LGBT+ workers

LGBT+ equality is top priority at health conference

In UNISON’s Year of LGBT+ workers, speakers stress the ongoing need to embed LGBT+ equality in health

Libby Nolan at health conference

UNISON health conference opens in Brighton

President and service group chair welcome delegates and introduce this year’s key themes