Photo of a transgender flag

How to… be a trans ally

UNISON recognises the importance of being loud and visible in support of its transgender members, especially at a time where anti-trans hate crimes are increasing

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UNISON president Libby Noon addressing the union's LGBT+ conference

UNISON president welcomes the union’s Year of LGBT+ Workers

Libby Nolan says she looks forward to helping make it ‘the best year possible’

‘Pay gaps exist because no one is looking,’ disabled members hear

UNISON’s disabled members’ conference debates pay gaps, the national care service, and the health and disability white paper

Jackie Lewis speaking at UNISON's local government conference 2023

Care workers take centre stage at local government conference

“Insourcing, insourcing, insourcing is the solution to market failure”, delegates hear

Christina McAnea, arms folded, in front of conference stage - 'Fighting for our future'

Blog: Proud to welcome in Pride

June marks the start of Pride season. Let’s be proud of our achievements over the years on LGBT+ inclusion, and make sure we keep equality at the heart of everything UNISON does.

Christina McAnea, arms folded, in front of conference stage - 'Fighting for our future'

LGBT+ rights are at the heart of UNISON’s work

UNISON members are negotiating more inclusive policies that protect and support trans, non-binary and gender diverse members in workplaces up and down the country

Blog: Celebrating our Black LGBT+ activists

To all our Black LGBT+ activists past and present, we thank you for your activism and for making our union what it is today

National disabled members' conference – looking toward the stage set from the main hall, over the heads of delegates

Delegates call for help to combat the epidemic of male suicide

In 2020, 4,880 men and boys ended their lives – but gender stereotypes make it harder for men to talk about their problems

Two UNISON members stand inside a frame saying 'Trans equality is a UNISON business'

Louder and prouder: UNISON launches trans equality campaign

UNISON has always been clear in its commitment to trans and non-binary members

UNISON greater london showing their banner at London Pride

UNISON out in force at London Pride

50 years of pride in London celebrated on Saturday

The Nordic Model

Written by Neil and Lucy – co-chairs National LGBT+ committee The Nordic (Swedish) model for sex work aims to reduce or ‘end’ demand for sex work through a legal framework which criminalises the purchase of sex. But as with many things, making something illegal just pushes it underground. Norway, Iceland, Canada, Northern Ireland, France, Ireland, […]

Are You a Good Trans Ally?

It’s not easy being a Transgender person in the UK at the moment. Political and media anti-trans sentiments and comments appear daily. A government renegading on promises to reform the Gender Recognition Act, and the proposed ban of ‘conversion therapy’ to not include trans people. The tactics being used, particularly the vilification of trans women, […]

Blog: Happy Pride season

‘While there is lots to celebrate and be proud of, we can’t forget the discrimination and harassment LGBT+ people continue to face’

Higher education delegates tackle equality and discrimination

The higher education virtual national conference addressed the issues faced by its Black and trans members

Vice president Andrea Egan with North West delegates at LGBT+ 2021

LGBT+ conference applauds organising award winners

Presentation caps a busy morning that saw delegates debate a wide range of topics, including the climate crisis