UNISON president welcomes the union’s Year of LGBT+ Workers

Libby Nolan says she looks forward to helping make it ‘the best year possible’

UNISON president Libby Noon addressing the union's LGBT+ conference

UNISON president Libby Nolan addressed the union’s LGBT+ conference in Liverpool last weekend for the launch of the Year of LGBT+ Workers in 2024 and pledged: “I look forward to working with you to make this the best year possible.”

“This is a Tory administration that has come to the end of the road,” she told delegates. “It’s just a crying shame that we may have to put up with another year of it.

“Because make no mistake, this is a dying government … yet determined to continue running our country into the ground.

“We have seen the Tories’ relentless attacks on trans, non-binary and gender diverse people and their rights. I’m not going to peddle the same myths that members of the Tory party are happy to spout – it’s unfair to draw attention to it.

“But let me be clear, the presidential team and UNISON will not tolerate or excuse any form of trans hate or anti-trans rhetoric.

“Trans rights are human rights and, as trade unionists, we are committed to fighting alongside our trans siblings against this.

“So, a general election cannot come soon enough. The public need a chance to boot Sunak and his cronies out of office.

And Ms Nolan also wanted to celebrate LGBT+ victories over the past 12 months.

“Our trans equality campaign, which has been driven by our wonderful trans, non-binary and gender diverse network, has been a huge success. Over 2,000 members have been trained to be trans allies.

“Over 450 trans, non-binary and gender diverse members have joined the network nationally, and over 50 workplaces now have our trans equality model policy adopted in their workplaces.”