Member support and services

UNISON can help you in many ways, both at work and at home. If you are not sure who you should contact for help, or where to find the information that you need, this section of the website will help you find it.

There for You (UNISON Welfare)

Members experiencing financial and emotional difficulties can contact our welfare charity, There for You, which provides a confidential advice and support service for members and their dependants.

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Help from your rep

As a UNISON member you have direct access to representatives, or reps, who are available to support you. There are different kinds of workplace reps and they can each help you in different ways.

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UNISON lottery supporting There for You

The There for you monthly lottery (formerly Octopus lottery) is a great way of supporting the vital work of There for You.

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Legal services

UNISON provides quality legal services for employment-related and non-work issues at no extra cost to members and their family. In fact, UNISON provides the broadest range of legal help to union members in the UK.

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Professional registration

Our professional services unit (PSU) represents members who are registered professionals and have their fitness to practise in their profession called in to question. We can represent any eligible member who is registered with a regulatory body in order to hold their professional title.

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Other places to get help

A comprehensive list of websites to provide information, help and advice on most issues that affect you at work or at home.

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