Andrea Egan addressing UNISON's national disabled members' conference

‘We must be united for battles ahead,’ says UNISON president

Andrea Egan addresses disabled members’ conference and praises delegates for their work on the Year of Disabled Workers

National disabled members' conference – looking toward the stage set from the main hall, over the heads of delegates

Delegates call for help to combat the epidemic of male suicide

In 2020, 4,880 men and boys ended their lives – but gender stereotypes make it harder for men to talk about their problems

Vicky Foxcroft speaking at UNISON's disabled members' conference

‘We want workplaces to thrive – the Tories want to curtail unions’

Labour’s shadow minister for disabled people tells conference that the Conservatives show their contempt for disabled people

Christina McAnea, Paddy Toner and Helen Illidge after Paddy received his award as a Local Government Champion from Christina

Disabled members look to the legacy of 2022

Meeting in Brighton, delegates look at the legacy of the Year of Disabled Workers

Christina McAnea in a black top and black jacket, dressing UNISON's national disabled members; conference

General secretary urges members to ‘vote, vote, VOTE’ in NHS ballot

Addressing UNISON’s disabled members’ conference, Christina McAnea says a strike would draw attention to the fact the NHS is already “on its knees”