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Blog: Give your ❤️ to our unions

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, remember that unions make our lives better

Christina McAnea

Blog: The clock is ticking to the next general election

We’ve endured three Conservative prime pinisters since the 2019 general election

COVID Wall with Christina McAnea in front

Blog: Your experiences are vital to the COVID Inquiry

Hearings set for a circus of ‘axe-grinding and score-settling’ that drowns out the suffering

UNISON president Libby Nolan speaking at the TUC Congress 2023

UNISON takes COVID-19 inquiry call to TUC Congress

Union’s president describes how a decade of austerity damaged the UK’s ability to protect workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 public inquiry – ensuring our members’ voices are heard

As the inquiry into the UK’s response to the pandemic prepares for its first public hearings, UNISON policy officer David Arnold outlines the process, the questions that will be addressed and the opportunities for members to share their experiences

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Rising red arrow on a model of a building on top of a radiator, showing rising heating costs

Energy bills see schools pull back on ventilation and CO2 monitoring

The lack of any government messaging on COVID has also affected the issue

Andrea Egan addressing UNISON's national disabled members' conference

‘We must be united for battles ahead,’ says UNISON president

Andrea Egan addresses disabled members’ conference and praises delegates for their work on the Year of Disabled Workers

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Blog: Power and unity – the theme for this year’s Black History Month

COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on Black workers and communities and it is vital to focus on challenging racism in the workplace

Tired man

Employment tribunal classes long COVID as a disability

‘Staff with long COVID need reasonable adjustments and support, not to be put on the scrap heap’

Absence of sick pay for care workers shows system needs reform

Survey shows extent of inadequate sick pay

UNISON fights to protect rights of workers with long COVID

UNISON says that the Equality Act 2020 is being misrepresented by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

The limbo of long COVID

UNISON members and reps talk about the debilitating aftermath of coronavirus

Behind the headlines, Magazine on the Magazine site.
International Workers' Memorial Day UNISON graphic

Blog: Let’s remember those who have died because of their work

On International Workers’ Memorial Day, let us all take a minute to remember how precious life is and the cost that many workers pay every year, around the globe

High Court rules that government orders to discharge untested Covid patients was illegal, says UNISON

Covid spread like wildfire as untested but positive patients were discharged from hospitals.

Christina McAnea addressing UNISON's 2022 health conference

NHS staff ‘undermined by political decisions’, says McAnea

General secretary tells health conference that deliberate Conservative choices have created the cost of living crisis