UNISON centre sign

NEC plans for the coming year

Meeting hears reports from general secretary and presidential team, recommits to work on Gaza, and discusses plans for national delegate conference

Boosting sick pay during the pandemic would have helped prevent virus spread

Matt Hancock’s enthusiasm for boosting sick pay would have been far more helpful when he was health secretary

COVID Wall with Christina McAnea in front

Blog: Your experiences are vital to the COVID Inquiry

Hearings set for a circus of ‘axe-grinding and score-settling’ that drowns out the suffering

UNISON president Libby Nolan speaking at the TUC Congress 2023

UNISON leads the debate at TUC gathering

Climate change, the COVID-19 Inquiry and a change of government were amongst the debates in Liverpool this week

UNISON president Libby Nolan speaking at the TUC Congress 2023

UNISON takes COVID-19 inquiry call to TUC Congress

Union’s president describes how a decade of austerity damaged the UK’s ability to protect workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID Wall with Christina McAnea in front

Blog: Matt Hancock made for grim listening at the COVID Inquiry

He continues to forget that his department as Secretary of State was not just for health, but social care too

Professor Lynn Sudbury-Riley at 2023 NDC

Conference urged to fight for truth and justice in COVID inquiry

Delegates heard from Professor Lyn Sudbury-Riley about her work with COVID Bereaved Families for Justice, as the pandemic public inquiry began

Lessons must be learned from government’s pandemic care home policy, says UNISON

Christina McAnea says Matt Hancock failed to protect staff and residents

PPE shortcomings must be a key focus of public inquiry

Lessons must be learned about how workers were left defenceless

UNISON sign at the union's centre in London

UNISON increases pressure for COVID public inquiry ‘sooner rather than later’

Union’s NEC also highlights continuing pay campaigns, post-pandemic support for members and solidarity with those in Palestine

Covid inquiry next year is way too late, says UNISON

The government owes answers to the workers, the public and the families of those who have lost their lives.