UNISON president Libby Nolan speaking at the TUC Congress 2023

UNISON takes COVID-19 inquiry call to TUC Congress

Union’s president describes how a decade of austerity damaged the UK’s ability to protect workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

raised hands in rubber gloves

Omicron: Extending our solidarity to PPE supply chain workers

At UNISON, the paradox that our members are saving lives using products made by workers whose rights are violated is very uncomfortable

PPE shortcomings must be a key focus of public inquiry

Lessons must be learned about how workers were left defenceless

raised hands in rubber gloves

Unions seek investor action in challenging labour rights abuses

UNISON is supporting a Sri Lankan trade union fighting to represent beleaguered rubber glove factory workers

surgical mask and rubber gloves

Government failings over protective kit meant lives were lost

Care workers were forced make their own safety kit, buy it themselves or go without

Getting help with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

UNISON knows that some staff groups may have less employee voice within an organisation. This means they may not feel able to raise concerns with their employer about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

surgical mask and rubber gloves

Shockingly poor government planning left health and care staff vulnerable to the virus

Ministers reacted too slowly when buying protective kit

Close up photo of person wearing surgical face ma

Politics can’t interfere in the approval of PPE, warns UNISON

Political pressure to approve substandard PPE does not bode well for HSE independence once the UK finally leaves the safety of the EU, says the union

Health and care staff need reassurance about next stage of the pandemic, says UNISON

UK PPE production will guarantee supplies and cut shipping

Care home company under investigation following multiple COVID deaths, says UNISON

UNISON reports Horizon Care to the Care Quality Commission after residents die in Sheffield

Care home deaths expose social care system ‘unfit for purpose’, says UNISON

Christina McAnea says complete overhaul needed so no one is left unprotected again

Health unions publish blueprint for the safe opening up of the NHS

UNISON and other health unions say NHS must continue to operate a safety-first approach

Care home death rates show continued need for PPE and testing, says UNISON

Risk of infection must be reduced for care workers

Country craves clarity and a safe return to work, says UNISON

Government is making people bewildered, not reassured

Government must explain how school staff and pupils will be kept safe 

Ministers need to work with unions to create safe schools