Blog: Trade unions wouldn’t be the same without Black members

‘We know that, together, we can make the UK a place where Black people are never left underrepresented, undervalued or underpaid’

Odeth Richardson

Saluting our Sisters: Black History Month

This year’s Black History Month, in October, is themed ‘Saluting our Sisters’. UNISON is using the month to celebrate exceptional women working in health

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UNISON welcomes British standard on menopause support at work

The new standard recognises that menopausal symptoms ‘can coincide with significant mid-life challenges and responsibilities’

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The increasing pressures of raising a family

Childcare costs on top of rising household bills are putting working parents, but particularly women, in a very difficult position

Blog: Honouring Stephen, Doreen and Neville Lawrence

This year, UNISON will be giving Doreen and Neville Lawrence honorary life membership as a mark of respect for their enormous contributions to fight racism across UK society


Ramadan 2023: Your rights at work

‘It’s important that UNISON’s Muslim members feel supported in the workplace and employers ensure and understand their needs at this spiritual and cherished time’

UNISON celebrates International Women’s Day in Glasgow

‘Women’s work is often undervalued and underpaid, but UNISON knows the true value’

Women and trade unions

Women have always been central to trade unions and the fight for a more equal society. To celebrate Women’s History Month we’ve put together a timeline of some of the key dates for women and the trade union movement.

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Blog: Power and unity – the theme for this year’s Black History Month

COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on Black workers and communities and it is vital to focus on challenging racism in the workplace

‘A struggle is a struggle. That’s why we’ve got to stick together’

UNISON president Andrea Egan outlines her vision, pledging: “I use every power and opportunity I’ve got, and I won’t leave any equality group behind”

Nicky Ramanandi

Wealth inequality in the UK is ‘entrenched’ under the Tories

As UNISON conference lays waste to the levelling up agenda, delegates say that the current government is ill-placed to fix problems that it caused in the first place

UNISON fights to protect rights of workers with long COVID

UNISON says that the Equality Act 2020 is being misrepresented by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Logo - 2022 Year of disabled workers

Introducing the year of disabled workers

Why 2022 is ‘an exciting opportunity to showcase the skills, experience and qualities that disabled people bring to the workplace and to society’

Red stop sign with the word violence on it

UNISON welcomes government pledge to end violence at work

ILO convention says no one should be in fear of physical, physiological or sexual violence from just going about their daily work

Vice president Andrea Egan with North West delegates at LGBT+ 2021

LGBT+ conference applauds organising award winners

Presentation caps a busy morning that saw delegates debate a wide range of topics, including the climate crisis