Dr Neville Lawrence addresses conference

UNISON presents Dr Neville Lawrence with honorary membership

‘I am standing here 30 years later because of you, and all the other different unions who have been with us over the past 30 years’

Blog: Honouring Stephen, Doreen and Neville Lawrence

This year, UNISON will be giving Doreen and Neville Lawrence honorary life membership as a mark of respect for their enormous contributions to fight racism across UK society

monochrome image of a lit candle

Blog: Remembering the ‘banality of evil’ is of vital importance

Two young, Jewish UNISON members reflect on the significance of Holocaust Memorial Day

monochrome image of a lit candle

Marking Holocaust Memorial Day

This year’s theme charges us to collectively challenge antisemitism, intolerance and the politics of division and hate

Logo for Hope not hate

Blog: Help us stand with HOPE not hate against the far right

After attacks on HOPE not hate’s new website, UNISON is encouraging branches to help raise the funds to protect the organisation from such acts

UNISON responds to George Floyd’s murder case

“Others who abuse their power must be held to account before the law”

Christina McAnea

Blog: Challenging racism matters to every branch

Challenging all forms of racism in the workplace is vital to UNISON’s work

Organising to defeat the far right

With fascism on the rise, a workshop at the Black members’ conference explored how it can be defeated

Delegates at the Holocaust Memorial Service 2020

Holocaust Memorial Day: standing together

UNISON event honours the victims of genocides, as speakers stress the need to remember – and to fight to stop future genocides

‘It’s our responsibility to kick racism out of our society’

Show Racism the Red Card launches this year’s schools competition at UNISON Centre

Our members’ experience of racism in the NHS

UNISON asked members in the health service for their experience of ‘unacceptable behaviour’, including their experience of racism in the workplace.

UNISON to match HOPE not hate donations

Union makes pledge to help after terrorist plot to kill MP was foiled

Standing up to racism on UN Anti-Racism Day

Tomorrow (Saturday) the streets of three UK cities – London, Cardiff and Glasgow – will be full of people standing up to racism as they take part in marches and rallies in support of UN Anti-Racism Day.

Stand up to racism and fascism on 16 March

Major demonstrations are being organised in Cardiff, Glasgow and London

Kick it out

UNISON marks the 25-year fight against racism in football.

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