Conference restates UNISON’s campaign for abortion rights

‘The fact that abortion is still a criminal offence in this country has to change’

UNISON raises the age limit for its young members

The decision at national delegate conference increases the ceiling age of young members from 26 to 30, with a dramatic impact for the union’s activists and structures

NDC celebrates – and resolves to do more for – Black workers

UNISON’s Year of Black Workers is an opportunity to celebrate the union’s long history of challenging racism in the workplace and come up with practical steps for further change

‘We will defend our right to strike – and our right to vote’

UNISON delegates stand up for their rights as activists and voters

Dr Neville Lawrence addresses conference

UNISON presents Dr Neville Lawrence with honorary membership

‘I am standing here 30 years later because of you, and all the other different unions who have been with us over the past 30 years’

Rosena Allin-Khan MP addresses conference

Rosena Allin-Khan shares Labour’s vision for mental health

The shadow minister for mental health celebrated NHS workers and laid out Labour’s vision for mental health

Conference delegates hold up vote cards

Heartbreaking stories of workplace harassment heard at NDC

A TUC report found that 68% of disabled women workers had been sexually harassed at work

Rosa Pavanelli

International motions on women’s rights and Palestine passed at NDC

Delegates heard impassioned speeches on international women’s rights and the importance of resisting apartheid in Palestine

Rosie MacGregor moving a motion on care at NDC 2023, Liverpool

Care dominates debate at national delegate conference

What’s happening with adult social care in England and the devolved nations, provided a comprehensive debate on day two of national delegate conference

Public services can help create a kinder, fairer society, says UNISON 

Christina McAnea tells conference of UNISON achievements

‘We remain strong and defiant’

Christina McAnea salutes a year of successful striking and campaigning, in a rousing conference speech

Professor Lynn Sudbury-Riley at 2023 NDC

Conference urged to fight for truth and justice in COVID inquiry

Delegates heard from Professor Lyn Sudbury-Riley about her work with COVID Bereaved Families for Justice, as the pandemic public inquiry began

Low paid women debate at 2023 NDC

Supporting lower paid women in UNISON

‘The strength and stability of our union relies on our ability to recruit, support and develop our women activists’

Andrea Egan at NDC 2023

‘Activists are the lifeblood of our union,’ says Andrea Egan

UNISON president opens the union’s 2023 national delegate conference