Book review – Code of Conduct: Why we need to fix Parliament – and how to do it

Labour MP Chris Bryant considers the flaws of what has become a ‘Pinocchio Parliament’ and some possible solutions

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‘We will defend our right to strike – and our right to vote’

UNISON delegates stand up for their rights as activists and voters

How to participate in local elections

From ensuring you can vote, to campaigning against the far right, here are some key tips for the upcoming local elections. May the 4th be with you

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Voter ID is the government’s ‘latest threat to our democracy’

UNISON calls for photo ID to be abandoned, but urges members to register, for now, to ensure their vote in May elections

Portrait of Polly Jpnes

Fighting for the right to be politically active

UNISON member Polly Jones was sacked from her job for simply expressing an interest in standing as an an MP. The legal battle that followed has far-reaching implications

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Portrait of Christina McAnea

Wishing you a Merry Christmas – you deserve it

We know your vital work and sacrifice are the reasons why our country is still going

UNISON flags

UNISON’s special delegate conference confirmed

New one-off, online event will take place in June, after national delegate conference cancelled due to the pandemic

Reserved (low pay) seat threshold for 2021

The cut-off wage for election to reserved (low pay) seats in the union remains at £10.63 an hour

A month of perennial change

But championing and defending our members are always on UNISON’s agenda

PSI general secretary: ‘We must stop the race to the bottom’

Rosa Pavanelli tells delegates that “we must take democracy very seriously,” as she outlines global threat by multinational corporations

UNISON must ‘lead the fightback’ against threats to democracy

Conference hears that plans for regional ‘devolution’ have nothing to do with improving the lives of the majority in those areas

The voluntary sector has become just another front in Cameron’s clampdown on free speech

Despite the government’s claims to the contrary, their plans are about gagging charities and charity workers from conducting necessary scrutiny.

NEC by-election

Nominations open on 1 December for by elections to the NEC higher education general and Northern region male seats

General secretary election 2015: advance notification

UNISON’s national executive council has agreed a general secretary election will take place this year