WASPI women at parliament

Opinion: Why the fight for Waspi pension justice is far from over

The lack of sympathy toward Waspi women is not surprising. Society continues to undervalue the work that women do and takes their contribution for granted

Mother and baby

Survey reveals impact on families of low maternity pay

Statutory maternity pay, at 47% of the national living wage and 37% of women’s median incomes, is forcing new mothers back to work early or into debt

Low paid women debate at 2023 NDC

Supporting lower paid women in UNISON

‘The strength and stability of our union relies on our ability to recruit, support and develop our women activists’

UNISON secures equal pay for 800 workers in Brighton and Hove

After a ten-year campaign, UNISON has secured a momentous equal pay victory for low-paid women in Brighton and Hove

UNISON celebrates International Women’s Day in Glasgow

‘Women’s work is often undervalued and underpaid, but UNISON knows the true value’

Graphic representation of five silhouette heads of diverse women

Celebrating working women: UNISON prepares for IWD 2023

The union will celebrate International Women’s Day with an event in Glasgow in March 2023

Christina McAnea adressing local government conference

Blog: Abortion is a trade union issue

The reversal of Roe v Wade shows clearly that women’s rights must be constantly defended

Fighting for women – in and out of the workplace

Gender discrimination, domestic violence and the support of low-paid women were among the topics of a busy final day of UNISON’s national delegate conference

Low pay, high impact

Some of UNISON’s lowest-paid women members are representing the needs of fellow workers from different levels of the union’s leadership

Magazine, UNISON people on the Magazine site.

Women on frontline feeling pressures at work and home, says UNISON     

Christina McAnea says government needs to step up with funding and support to make their working lives easier

Glasgow women mark victory in equal pay fight with rally at Glasgow City Chambers

‘We won’ – Glasgow women celebrate equal pay

City Chambers rally greets council’s ratification of £548m deal to compensate for years of unequal pay

UNISON wins legal pay out for 5,000 low-paid women in schools and nurseries in Greenwich

This is a victory for all low-paid women working in the public sector