Graphic for Holocaust Memorial Day with the words 'Never forget, never again in white capitals on a black background, with a candle to the right

Remembering all those killed by the Nazis

This year, we reflect on the fragility of the rights of targeted and scapegoated people; how freedom can be eroded with violent rhetoric, demagoguery and conspiracist ideas

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Blog: Remembering the ‘banality of evil’ is of vital importance

Two young, Jewish UNISON members reflect on the significance of Holocaust Memorial Day

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Marking Holocaust Memorial Day

This year’s theme charges us to collectively challenge antisemitism, intolerance and the politics of division and hate

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Mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 with a focus on ‘one day’

The Holocaust Memorial Trust has produced free guides and resources to help your UNISON branch organise events and activities

Never forget, never again: be the light in the darkness, Image of a lit candle.

Blog: We all need to carry on being the light

In unprecedented times, the chance that Holocaust Memorial Day offers us, to reflect on past atrocities and current hatreds, is needed as much as ever

What a start to the new decade!

In-sourcing, strike suspensions, maternity policy improvements and backing Keir Starmer for Labour leader – it’s been a busy month

Delegates at the Holocaust Memorial Service 2020

Holocaust Memorial Day: standing together

UNISON event honours the victims of genocides, as speakers stress the need to remember – and to fight to stop future genocides

Holocaust Memorial Day: UNISON Renfrewshire remembers Jane Haining

Jane Haining was a Scottish woman from Paisley, who dedicated her life to helping Jewish orphans in Hungary

UNISON marks Holocaust Memorial Day

Victims of the Nazi regime and modern genocides remembered

Holocaust Memorial Day – Today we remember those ‘torn from home’

On this day, we remember the precious lives lost and the deep grief felt by those who survived. We honour their memories. We challenge hate. And we remember, as we sit in our homes, with our families and friends, in our communities, the overwhelming loss that the holocaust represents. And we say never again.

Blog: A constant reminder of what happens if you allow hate and division go unchallenged

On this day, we remember the precious lives lost and the deep grief felt by those who survived, honouring their memories by challenging hate and commit ourselves to ensure that “never again” is not just words, however powerful, it is a commitment we reaffirm today and every day.

Holocaust Memorial Day and the story of disabled people

Holocaust Memorial Day helps us to remember the atrocities against minority groups including disabled people

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Preparing for Holocaust Memorial Day

The Holocaust Memorial Trust has a wide range of resources that can help union branches organise events this Holocaust Memorial Day

Blog: Our union remembers the victims of the Holocaust

On this day we remember the precious lives lost and the deep grief felt by those who survived. We honour their memory by challenging anti-Semitism and hate, by remembering the victims of all genocides, and by working to ensure ‘Never Again.’

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Remembering the Holocaust

On Holocaust Memorial Day, light a candle as a sign of remembrance and hope