Stand up to racism and fascism on 16 March

Major demonstrations are being organised in Cardiff, Glasgow and London

UNISON is proud to support the UN Anti-Racism Day demonstration organised by Stand Up to Racism and Love Music Hate Racism, and urges all members and branches to show their support on 16 March.

On that day , anti-racist and anti-fascist groups across the world will march in opposition to the far-right and against the politics of hate.

UNISON national Black members’ committee chair Ash Dhobi urged “all UNISON members concerned about the hostile environment to join the UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration on 16 March.

“Major mobilisations will be happening in London, Cardiff and Glasgow, where we will show that our communities stand together in the face of a growing far-right.

“Islamophobic and racist hate crime is on the rise so stand with us for this international display of solidarity and send a message that these offences will not be tolerated.

“We can challenge racism and fascism together.”


Find out more about the demonstration in London, Glasgow and Cardiff