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Blog: Remembering the ‘banality of evil’ is of vital importance

Two young, Jewish UNISON members reflect on the significance of Holocaust Memorial Day

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Marking Holocaust Memorial Day

This year’s theme charges us to collectively challenge antisemitism, intolerance and the politics of division and hate

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

To UNISON and our predecessor unions Desmond Tutu was and is an inspiration

anti-racism message being held by Black hand in Richmond, Yorkshire

UNISON to help lead union response to the racism report

The union will work with the TUC to address the discredited report from the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, which downplays structural and institutional racism

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Blog: The government can still address racism properly

Assistant general secretary Roger McKenzie looks at the background to the report from the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities and examines its failings

Universities call for urgent action on racial harassment in higher education

“Black staff and students must have the same opportunities to develop their studies and careers as their white counterparts.”

Blog: A major disappointment – but just the latest for Black people

Gloria Mills, UNISON equalities national secretary, on why the report into the impact of COVID-19 on Black people is a “major disappointment”

Police and justice committee adds voice to George Floyd protests

UNISON group says the killing in the US – and its aftermath – shows that the fight against racism must be redoubled

US unrest is a reminder to stand up to racism

We must be alert to the threat of discrimination

‘Our strength comes from you’, president tells conference

Josie Bird salutes UNISON’s Black members for their work in fighting back against increasing racism and intolerance

‘This is our time’, Prentis tells Black members

On ‘Brexit Day’ Dave Prentis spoke of the importance of protection for immigrants and justice for the Windrush generation

‘It’s our responsibility to kick racism out of our society’

Show Racism the Red Card launches this year’s schools competition at UNISON Centre

Our members’ experience of racism in the NHS

UNISON asked members in the health service for their experience of ‘unacceptable behaviour’, including their experience of racism in the workplace.

Universities must do more to tackle shocking levels of racism, says UNISON

New report shows horrific examples

Race for Equality campaign launch

As part of Black History month, UNISON’s health team is proud to launch its Race for Equality Campaign. Let’s stamp out racism in the NHS.