Jenrick plan to cap migrant workers would collapse care system, says UNISON

Instead of seeking solutions to serious problems, ministers are demonising migrant workers and seeking scapegoats

Surge plans needed to spare NHS staff and patients this winter

Latest NHS waiting list paints a grim picture of what lies ahead

Patient confidence in the NHS must be rebuilt

Labour plans will kickstart the recovery

Short-term help is welcome but NHS needs permanent workforce fix

Voluntary scheme with fair pay makes sense

Steve Barclay’s conference speech is ‘deflection politics at its very worst’

Government should focus on fixing health and care, not sow division

Graphic in green and white on a purple background, with the words 'Put NHS pay right' in a large circle, and 'for Us2' in a smaller circle. All are in capital letters

UNISON launches next stage of One Team Us2 pay campaign

The union is targeting 18 private contractors in the NHS to persuade them to commit to pay that’s equal with directly employed staff

NHS workers must now get their money as soon as possible, says UNISON

Following the majority union vote in favour of accepting the government’s pay offer at the NHS staff council today (Tuesday), ministers and employers must ensure health workers get their money as soon as possible, says UNISON.

Powerful anti-racism debate opens UNISON health conference

‘We are one team against racism, just as we are one team for patient care’

Insourcing win at North Middlesex University Hospital

‘This is life-changing for many of us. We feel more valued and motivated to work here’

Sara Gorton with pickets in Wakefield

Blog: This is how collective action works

Members taking action has forced the government to listen and take action to improve the pay of all of our hardworking NHS staff writes UNISON head of health Sara Gorton

The numbers behind NHS pay

How does pay affect staffing levels? How does staffing affect patient care? A look at what the stats tell us about NHS pay

Publish workforce plan now to get NHS back on track, says UNISON 

The NHS is in a dire state because it’s thousands and thousands of staff short.

Third day of NHS strikes in Northern Ireland

Thousands of UNISON members in the six arm’s length bodies of the health trust have walked out today, including staff at the NI ambulance service.

Sara Gorton with pickets in Wakefield

Strikes are serious in Yorkshire

… as UNISON head of health Sara Gorton knows, but there is also always time for a laugh

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Why won’t the chancellor resolve the NHS strike?

Jeremy Hunt knows knows what’s needed, so why isn’t he acting?