Invest in the health workforce and public services to learn pandemic lessons

Keynote speech renews call for immediate pandemic inquiry

UNISON Cymru/Wales opens consultation on NHS pay

‘It’s vital that we use this consultation to hear from members in every part of the Welsh NHS – every role, every workplace, every pay band’

Delayed pay rise will leave staff disappointed, say health unions

Government announcement falls short of expectations

It’s good the government has moved on NHS pay, but staff deserve more

Health workers have waited months for 3%

Government’s treatment of NHS staff is disgraceful 

Just as NHS staff thought ministers were at last to announce the pay rise they’ve more than earned, hopes have been cruelly dashed

Graphic image with balloons and Happy 73rd birthday to our NHS text

All eyes on Boris: open letter to the PM on NHS pay

UNISON has launched an open letter for thousands of NHS workers and their supporters to sign in support of a proper pay rise

domestic services staff at Luton and Dunstable Hospital enjoy ice creams and hold 'all eyes on Boris' placards

NHS pay campaign: all eyes on the PM for June’s #2DaysFor2k

From the 23-25 June, UNISON health members, branches and regions all over the country got out and about campaigning for what was likely to be the last ‘2 days for 2k’.

Health pay rise must be for everyone in the NHS

Health service staff employed by private companies must not lose out on the wage rise

Invest in NHS staff or waiting lists won’t shorten, says UNISON  

The backlog is overwhelming and will take years to clear.

Time for Westminster to follow Edinburgh on NHS pay

Health workers in all parts of the UK deserve decent rise

Urgent action needed to address chronic undersupply of NHS staff

A lack of planning for a global pandemic left the UK and the NHS exposed like never before

UNISON targets MPs in big week for the NHS pay campaign

‘Every day that passes without a pay rise is another day NHS staff are being told they aren’t valued by our politicians’

Westminster government could learn from Scotland over NHS pay 

After a long and difficult year, a decent pay rise for NHS staff should be a simple decision to make and be popular with the public.  Valuing health staff and investing in the NHS is a political choice.

A 1% increase is neither a pay rise nor the way to treat NHS staff

Matt Hancock should stop trying to defend the indefensible

Blog: The government misses a golden opportunity on NHS pay

Insulting 1% pay offer doesn’t recognise efforts of those fighting COVID for over a year, and will lead to an exodus of loyal staff while doing nothing to attract new recruits