Improving wages and fixing social care must be among new health secretary’s priorities

Victoria Atkins will have her work cut out with NHS problems affecting staff and patients

All employers in the NHS must play by the same pay rules

Ministers must end the two-tier employment scandal in the NHS and ensure all employers in the service play by the same rules.

Government should commit to NHS pay talks now to avoid possible strikes next year

Pay review body process long past its use-by date

NHS pay process needs fundamental reset, says UNISON

A more relevant, modern approach to setting pay in the NHS is long overdue.

Take nurse-only pay spine off the table, and focus on real issues with nursing pay

Ensuring jobs are banded correctly is key priority

Health workers to decide whether to take NHS wage offer or risk lengthy pay review body wait 

Consultation on one-off payment plus pay rise begins today

UNISON to recommend acceptance of NHS pay offer 

If accepted, the offer would boost pay significantly this year and mean a wage increase next year that’s more than the government had budgeted for.

Change of direction is needed to save NHS

Ministers must act to turn round staff survey findings

UNISON to suspend strike to enter NHS pay talks with government 

The government has finally promised extra investment in pay for both this and next year.

Health unions to consider invite from government to enter formal pay talks through NHS staff council

Health unions will need to clarify the basis upon which talks can get underway

Solo pay talks could have serious consequences for the NHS

Attempting a deal with just one solves nothing.

Pay proposal will worsen the NHS dispute

Ministers should include all health unions in any wage talks

NHS staff across Northern Ireland take third day of action in strike over pay

Health and social service workers stage latest 24-hour walk out

NHS dispute widens to cover most parts of England

Staff at further ambulance services and health trusts vote to strike

Westminster has again been shown up by Holyrood over NHS pay

Scottish offer shows what the prime minister and chancellor could be doing