All employers in the NHS must play by the same pay rules

Ministers must end the two-tier employment scandal in the NHS and ensure all employers in the service play by the same rules.

Surge plans needed to spare NHS staff and patients this winter

Latest NHS waiting list paints a grim picture of what lies ahead

Fix for NHS pay must be ‘at heart’ of any workforce solution, says UNISON 

Action on retention is key.

NHS spending over £1m a week on private ambulances for 999 callouts, says UNISON 

Private firms are capitalising on the crisis in ambulance services, by tempting paramedics and other crew away from NHS work.

Sara Gorton with pickets in Wakefield

Blog: This is how collective action works

Members taking action has forced the government to listen and take action to improve the pay of all of our hardworking NHS staff writes UNISON head of health Sara Gorton

UNISON to recommend acceptance of NHS pay offer 

If accepted, the offer would boost pay significantly this year and mean a wage increase next year that’s more than the government had budgeted for.

Christina McAnea on a picket line in Sheffield, with ambulance strikers, addressing the media

Blog: We will be talking to resolve this dispute for members

But ignoring NHS workers for this long was a big mistake and refusing to take their concerns seriously has been hugely damaging for all involved

UNISON to suspend strike to enter NHS pay talks with government 

The government has finally promised extra investment in pay for both this and next year.

Solo pay talks could have serious consequences for the NHS

Attempting a deal with just one solves nothing.

Publish workforce plan now to get NHS back on track, says UNISON 

The NHS is in a dire state because it’s thousands and thousands of staff short.

Welsh government NHS pay move ramps up the pressure on the PM, says UNISON

Both Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford have chosen to do more for their NHS staff this year.

Welsh government’s NHS pay move increases pressure on Westminster, says UNISON 

Longer waits for ambulances and in A&E departments are inevitable if the NHS doesn’t get more staff.

Government yet to commit to resolving dispute so strikes continue, says UNISON

Ambulance workers will reluctantly walk out again.

A commitment to boost wages would mean unions may call off the strikes, says UNISON

The health secretary needs to set out what the government can do right now.

Government must resolve NHS pay dispute as waiting lists keep growing, says UNISON

These figures paint a bleak picture of the state of the NHS.