Invest in NHS staff or waiting lists won’t shorten, says UNISON  

The backlog is overwhelming and will take years to clear.

Urgent action needed to address chronic undersupply of NHS staff

A lack of planning for a global pandemic left the UK and the NHS exposed like never before

Westminster government could learn from Scotland over NHS pay 

After a long and difficult year, a decent pay rise for NHS staff should be a simple decision to make and be popular with the public.  Valuing health staff and investing in the NHS is a political choice.

A 1% increase is neither a pay rise nor the way to treat NHS staff

Matt Hancock should stop trying to defend the indefensible

Recruitment pledges must be backed by decent wage rise if NHS is to thrive

Many workers are yearning for a reason to stay in the jobs they love

Public money has been frittered away but NHS pay is a vital investment

The biggest cost for all of us will be if the government fails to invest in the NHS workforce

Chancellor Rishi Sunak with the red Budget box

It’s in all our interests that the chancellor invests in the NHS

The government needs to hit pause and think again on pay

One per cent pay rise “is the worst kind of insult”

The public will be horrified. NHS staff will think it’s some kind of joke

Chancellor Rishi Sunak with the red Budget box

NHS staff ​urge the chancellor to do the right thing and fund a pay rise

Rishi Sunak should give something back on behalf of the nation

Undoing the NHS market a necessary step, but absence of a plan for social care disappointing

A well-funded national care service that mirrors the NHS is needed now

Covid pressures triggering mental health issues among health staff

Some are traumatised from seeing patients die before their time

Pay rise immediately would reassure undervalued staff to stay in NHS

Government’s approach to NHS pay is forcing workers to question their future

Prime Minister urged to speed up NHS pay rise as public backs the move

A pay rise is vital if the NHS is to be ‘fighting fit’

Close up photo of person wearing surgical face ma

NHS staff covid cases underline urgency of vaccine rollout, says UNISON

Half of all staff absences are Covid related

Thank NHS staff with proper pay rise, say health unions

Celebrities back call for wage increase