Government inaction to blame for ambulance handover delays, says UNISON

Solving the NHS staffing crisis must be top government priority to improve services

health conference stands to mark international workers memorial day

Health conference asks why ambulance staff aren’t an emergency service

Conference debates ambulance and privatisation issues and discusses how to make the union ‘ballot ready’

NHS spending over £1m a week on private ambulances for 999 callouts, says UNISON 

Private firms are capitalising on the crisis in ambulance services, by tempting paramedics and other crew away from NHS work.

£30m ambulance contract as effective as sticking plaster on wound, says UNISON

The money ​would have been far better spent investing in pay, staffing, services and social care.

Ambulance uniforms not fit for purpose and may put staff at risk, says UNISON 

Ambulance employees work in all sorts of situations and weathers.  

Ambulance pressures taking a significant toll on staff, says UNISON

Ambulance staff, like so many in the NHS, can’t just ​leave their stress at the door when they get home.

London ambulance staff lead humanitarian convoy to Ukraine

Paramedics are driving 1,000 miles to deliver 10 ambulances to Ukraine health workers and relief goods to refugees

Long ambulance delays causing distress for patients and staff

There are real fears that staff and services will be unable to cope as demand inevitably increases. 

Welfare of ambulance staff at risk as services face ‘unsustainable’ demand     

Ambulance trusts must provide urgent support