Graphic in green and white on a purple background, with the words 'Put NHS pay right' in a large circle, and 'for Us2' in a smaller circle. All are in capital letters

UNISON launches next stage of One Team Us2 pay campaign

The union is targeting 18 private contractors in the NHS to persuade them to commit to pay that’s equal with directly employed staff

NHS workers must now get their money as soon as possible, says UNISON

Following the majority union vote in favour of accepting the government’s pay offer at the NHS staff council today (Tuesday), ministers and employers must ensure health workers get their money as soon as possible, says UNISON.

Representatives of striking health branches receiving an ovation from UNISON's annual health conference in Bournemouth

Health conference debates pay

Four motions on pay covering the recent NHS offer, the pay review body, flat rate pay uplifts and a nurses only pay spine, were debated in Bournemouth

Christina McAnea giving the keynote speech to UNISON's annual health conference in Bournemouth 2023

‘This deal puts money in members pay packets – and they voted decisively to accept it’

General secretary opens UNISON’s health conference, telling delegates: ‘What you do matters to everyone in this country. You are at the centre of the big political debate in our country’

Graphic which says UNISON members vote to accept NHS pay offer in England

Decisive outcome as UNISON members vote to accept NHS pay offer in England

Almost three-quarters of health members voted to accept the offer with over 150,000 having their say

Pay pay pay

Protecting and increasing pay is vital to UNISON. We organise, we act, we win. But the work never stops. Get involved and let’s win together.

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UNISON Northern Ireland pauses health strike after government offer of talks

Escalation of strike action ‘finally got the message through’

Christina McAnea speaks to a rally of health workers in NI

Government inaction means NI health strikes continue

Thousands of health workers Northern Ireland will walk out on Friday 31 March and 3 April after talks failed to progress dispute

Sara Gorton with pickets in Wakefield

Blog: This is how collective action works

Members taking action has forced the government to listen and take action to improve the pay of all of our hardworking NHS staff writes UNISON head of health Sara Gorton

Close up of nurse adjusting blood bag of male donor at blood donation center or hospital

Blood under pressure

UNISON talks to Bev Easton, a rep at the NHS Blood and Transplant service, about the pressures facing one of the UK’s most vital services

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The numbers behind NHS pay

How does pay affect staffing levels? How does staffing affect patient care? A look at what the stats tell us about NHS pay

Christina McAnea on a picket line in Sheffield, with ambulance strikers, addressing the media

Blog: We will be talking to resolve this dispute for members

But ignoring NHS workers for this long was a big mistake and refusing to take their concerns seriously has been hugely damaging for all involved

Health unions to consider invite from government to enter formal pay talks through NHS staff council

Health unions will need to clarify the basis upon which talks can get underway

The truth about pay

10 ways in which the government is distorting the truth in the ongoing dispute over NHS pay

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Westminster has again been shown up by Holyrood over NHS pay

Scottish offer shows what the prime minister and chancellor could be doing