Health conference stage background: a green themed graphic which says One Team Fighting for out future, a TV in front of the background shows a similar graphic with the same words.

Recruitment, retention and registration discussed at health conference

UNISON’s health conference finished with debates on a variety of motions with implications on recruitment and retention

health conference stands to mark international workers memorial day

Health conference asks why ambulance staff aren’t an emergency service

Conference debates ambulance and privatisation issues and discusses how to make the union ‘ballot ready’

Health workers and activists on the brink

UNISON health conference is told: ‘Everyone in this room is carrying the trauma of the last three years’

Representatives of striking health branches receiving an ovation from UNISON's annual health conference in Bournemouth

Health conference debates pay

Four motions on pay covering the recent NHS offer, the pay review body, flat rate pay uplifts and a nurses only pay spine, were debated in Bournemouth

Health conference celebrates union’s re-banding wins

Campaigns on overtime, reducing the working week and protecting the NHS pension were among the other key topics discussed by delegates

Christina McAnea giving the keynote speech to UNISON's annual health conference in Bournemouth 2023

‘This deal puts money in members pay packets – and they voted decisively to accept it’

General secretary opens UNISON’s health conference, telling delegates: ‘What you do matters to everyone in this country. You are at the centre of the big political debate in our country’

Powerful anti-racism debate opens UNISON health conference

‘We are one team against racism, just as we are one team for patient care’