Let more NHS staff work flexibly to help solve staffing crisis

Survey shows requests being denied and many workers unaware they can apply

Law change on flexible working does not go far enough, says UNISON

Everyone should have right from first day in job

Conference delegates hold up green voting cards. Credit to Rosie Powell

‘As a woman, my rights are not reduced by my LGBT+ comrades’

UNISON’s 2024 women’s conference kicks off with statements of solidarity on LGBT+ rights and Palestine

Women in the UK’s public services repeatedly denied flexible-work requests

More must be done to accommodate requests

Women in the UK’s public services repeatedly denied flexible-work requests, says UNISON

Inconsistent, rigid and unimaginative employers are denying individuals the flexibility they need

Survey: Have your say about your choices at work

UNISON members are invited to have their say about work and the choices available

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Working towards a flexible, fairer future

We need the government to champion the cultural shift to building flexibility into all jobs from the start and not just a right to ask a ‘favour’

a man and two women sit in an office

Help to improve flexible working proposals

Sign the petition and respond to the consultation before it closes on Wednesday 1 December

New NHS flexible working rights to improve work-life balance and retain staff 

Agreement will open up new options and make requests easier

‘The real challenges’ of caring

Women share their experience as carers at Brighton conference