NHS trust workers demonstrating against the plans

Wigan hospital staff vote for strike over outsourcing plans

NHS trust’s plans to move jobs and workers to its own private company sees 89% vote for strike – in a 79% turn-out

Adult social care has no funding, no strategy and no long-term solutions, says UNISON

UNISON responds to the Public Accounts Committee report

Blog: Together, we can step up for public services

By standing together on Saturday, we can continue to show the strength of our feelings and continue to make the case for public services. If you’re in London, near London or can get to London this Saturday, join us to “step up for public services”.

Helping with the cost of school uniforms

The union’s welfare charity There for You has once again got a limited fund to help members deal with the costs of school uniforms

Blog: If there are elections where you are, don’t forget to use your vote

Recent years have shown clearly that our votes do matter, but in local elections – where turnout is traditionally lower than in general elections or referendums – that’s especially true. If those of us who believe in better – and better funded – public services stay at home, then those with different values will be the ones who have their say over who represents and speaks for you.

Blog: Another reason to be proud of our union – on May Day, and every day

We should be rightly proud that we’re the biggest and best union in the country. We should celebrate our quarter of a century of incredible achievements. Yet we must also take this as an opportunity to look at how UNISON – and all of us within it – can do more, and do better, for all our members in the next 25 years.

letters saying vote

It’s not us, it’s all about YOU!

What on earth is a UNISON service group? And what have they got to do with you? As it turns out, quite a lot actually

Parents and children campaign at Westminster

Sunshine and showers – April’s highlights

April may have started with the Easter holidays but there was no rest for UNISON staff, activists and members. And there was only one issue on everyone’s mind – pay.

Children at the Houses of Parliament

Save our nurseries: when the kids went to Westminster

Are these the youngest UNISON campaigners?

Blog: Listen to these moments of truth

Join us in raising their voices and your voices. Share the videos on social media. Support our campaign to champion public services, and continue the fight for public services and everyone who works in them.

The UK’s disappearing meat hygiene inspectors

Between March 2013 and April 2017, the number of meat inspectors employed by the independent Food Standards Agency (FSA) dropped by 30%

Blog: Today we reaffirm our demand for safe and healthy work for all

No-one goes to work not expecting to return home that day, yet official figures show that at least 20,000 workers die each year from work-related injuries and illnesses. The National Hazards Campaign believes that these official statistics are wildly inaccurate so the true figure is likely closer to 50,000 worker deaths every year.

A win for employees at Nottingham City Council

Court of Appeal rules in UNISON members’ favour over incremental pay

Youngsters show racism the red card

Dave Prentis praises the ‘inspirational work’ of school children from across the UK

UNISON challenges police commissioner takeover of fire services

Concern for support staff jobs as cost-cutting drives government agenda