‘We’ve been stabbed in the back by Boris Johnson’

Health conference debates what is to happen on pay for all health members both now and in the future

Healthcare assistants band together over pay

At health conference, UNISON launches a new campaign to make sure healthcare assistants are rewarded, respected and recognised

Poorest will be hardest hit by lack of government energy plan, says UNISON 

Intervention needed to prevent heating or eating choices

So you think you know about climate change?

This Green UNISON Week, find out how much you know about the climate emergency

Safe staffing and flexibility key factors for future of NHS

‘The NHS can only recover if members and colleagues are thriving in their jobs,’ UNISON health delegates are told

Invest in the health workforce and public services to learn pandemic lessons

Keynote speech renews call for immediate pandemic inquiry

general secretary Christina McAnea with UNISON members outside a London hospital

Blog: After everything, a pay cut is the bitterest of blows

Our health conference is a reminder of the sacrifices our health members have made, the challenges to come – and what we can achieve together

‘Exhausted and demoralised staff are walking away from health care’

UNISON’s virtual health conference opens with a campaigning programme that will build on the lessons of the pandemic

UNISON health members deliver damning verdict on government’s 3% increase 

Pay will be key topic at UNISON health conference

UNISON flags

Dundee University members appeal for strike hardship donations

UNISON members at Dundee University appeal for solidarity donations ahead of strike action

one team logo

Sodexo agrees to pay NHS 3% rise at South Yorkshire trust

UNISON welcomes move, which will boost staff transferred to the company in 2018

Scrap mandatory vaccine deadline or risk decimating the care sector, says UNISON

Christina McAnea warns of ‘catastrophic’ staffing crisis unless government abandons draconian policy

Sara Gorton

Blog: Why the Health and Care Bill is so important

There is currently an opportunity to drive out the principles of privatisation, stop the fragmentation and improve how our NHS is run

Huge vacancy rates across care sector adding to staff mental health crisis

The government’s failure to deal with ​the growing staffing ​crisis in social care ​risks worsening the mounting mental health toll on workers, says UNISON

Myanmar flag – white star on yellow, green and red horizontal stripes

UN day for democracy: taking action with Myanmar

UNISON calls for the immediate end of military violence and power, the release of all political prisoners and the restoration of civilian government