The government’s plan to tackle polluting water companies is wide of the mark

Adding a handful of inspectors will make little difference

Water firms should invest in services rather than shareholder payouts

Failing and polluting water companies are jeopardising water quality, killing wildlife and causing untold damage to the environment.

Government must bring the water companies back to public ownership, says UNISON

A short-term fix to bail out Thames Water won’t be enough.

Environment agency workers to walk out for four more days, says UNISON

The government needs a properly staffed Environment Agency if natural habitats and water sources are to be protected.

Environment Agency workers to strike for the first time over pay, says UNISON

The cost-of-living crisis has reached a point where the lowest paid are truly struggling to make ends meet.

Environment Agency staff start industrial action over pay, says UNISON

Wages there have been held down for years.