Care changes are a start but won’t solve staffing crisis

What’s needed is the proper reform that can only come from a national care service.

Council funding boost will do nothing to fix deep-rooted problems in social care

What’s needed is a national care service that’s adequately funded, with proper standards and fair pay for its workforce.

Matt Hancock’s actions during the pandemic left the care sector exposed, says UNISON

The Conservatives had been in power for ten years when Covid struck.

The social care crisis is worsening by the minute, says UNISON

Ministers must take responsibility and pledge to deliver a well-funded national care service with nationwide pay scales.

Ignoring the social care crisis will worsen the broken system, says UNISON

Deep-rooted staffing problems will only begin to be resolved by addressing endemic low pay in the sector.

Boost wages to reform broken ‘bargain-basement’ social care system, says UNISON   

Vacancy rates are rocketing because care workers are underpaid for a difficult and skilled job.

Underfunded adult social care will continue to lose staff unless ministers act, says UNISON

Nothing short of a complete overhaul of the care sector will do.

Home health care worker and an elderly couple

Ministers must adopt Migration Advisory Committee recommendations to beef-up care staff numbers, says UNISON

Care employers are losing people in droves to warehouses, supermarkets and online retailers able to pay more for less stressful work

Somerset decision risks Covid care home spread, says UNISON  

No one with Covid should be going in to work

Government must do more to persuade care staff to have the jab

Attempting to force staff to comply by threatening their livelihoods is ​just plain wrong