Councils need proper funding not further efficiency savings

The best way for councils to run efficient services is for them to be adequately resourced and staffed.

Struggling schools forced to rely on teaching assistants as cheap cover for teachers

Ministers are entirely responsible for the funding crisis that’s putting schools in this impossible position.

Come clean about school risks and invest to remedy problems

Years of neglect and underfunding have worsened the situation, leaving some schools on the verge of collapse.

The cash crisis in councils is worsening by the day

That will mean even more cuts to services and further hardship for communities everywhere.

Ministers must come clean on the full scale of crumbly concrete

This will only add to the uncertainty and anxiety already being felt by pupils, parents and staff.

Details of crumbling schools must be published, says UNISON

Parents, carers and staff should be told if any school buildings are on the brink of collapse.

Raise wage offer and prevent more university strikes, says UNISON

Staff are already leaving for better-paid jobs in supermarkets, warehouses and coffee shops.

Food Standards Agency strike ballot could mean Christmas meat shortages, says UNISON

The FSA needs to come up with a significantly higher offer to avoid any disruption.

Photo from above, without head, of a young girl in school uniform

Headteachers fear losing increasingly vital teaching assistants as cost-of-living pressures bite​

To halt the exodus of teaching assistants they need to be better rewarded

Unions react to pay offer for council and school staff  

Council and school workers are enduring a major cost of living crisis.

Parkinson Building, Leeds University

University staff reject below-inflation pay offer and vote on strike action

No worker wants to go out on strike, but staff can’t afford to feed their kids, pay for housing or fill up their petrol tanks

Staff changes will create risks to children and drive staff out of early years education

Instead of trying to provide education on the cheap, the government must improve funding for the sector

Government plan to provide early years education on the cheap will hit children and staff

The sector urgently needs long-term investment

Low pay and pensions issues prompt further strikes at universities, says UNISON

The importance of university staff during the pandemic cannot be overstated.

Academy orders issued to schools in Hallam Diocese ‘unlawfully’, say education unions

Trying to force through mass changes to academy status is not only wrong-headed, it’s a complete distraction.