Key documents and tools for activists

Need to access the case form? Want to talk to activist colleagues? Want to print campaign materials – or even get customised campaign materials printed? You can do so here.

The CASE management form

The CASE form is one of the most important documents in UNISON. The form must be completed by (or for) members if they require assistance from the union in dealing with a work place problem. It should be completed as fully as possible, signed and returned to the local UNISON branch.

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Organising Space

The Organising Space is a dedicated microsite for UNISON activists to share and discuss the issues and strategies affecting their duties in the workplace. Find out more, get access and sign up to the Organising Space e-newsletter

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Online catalogue

The online catalogue is the way for branches to make bulk orders of UNISON stock items, such as leaflets, posters and handbooks and various organising and recruitment materials.

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Bargaining guides

Most UNISON branch officers, stewards and safety representatives will negotiate with employers at some time – it is how branches can make sure they protect and promote the interests of their members. The keys to success are organisation, preparation and teamwork.

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Online print service

UNISON’s online print service is a one-stop shop for printed campaign material offering professionally designed, UNISON-branded templates for stationery, leaflets, posters and pull-up stands.

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Brand guidelines and logos

Access our brand guidelines and logos so you can make your materials look professional.

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