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The climate emergency is happening now. And it’s directly impacting UNISON members, their workplaces and the crucial services they provide. There’s still time. By harnessing the collective power of our membership, and joining with others around the world, we’ll ensure a safe, healthy and thriving future for generations to come.

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The UK Committee on Climate Change has said the next decade is critical.

As a union, we have a vital role to play in campaigning for greener politics, working with employers to make workplaces more sustainable, and informing members of global warming issues.

Our members work in a wide range of jobs that have direct environmental roles in parks, energy and water companies, environment agencies, meat hygiene service, environmental health, school food, buses and transport planning, cleansing, waste recycling and planning.

UNISON members in all their different roles across the health service, local government, police, fire & rescue, education, housing and the voluntary sector see the effects of environmental change, be it pollution, extreme weather, floods or cold homes.

They are committed to clean and safe communities with a good quality of life that does not compromise the future to come.

On the international stage, our union works with other unions from around the world to campaign for public investment to tackle climate change.

What you can do

We are currently working to re-establish the UNISON Green Reps Network, with new training opportunities and new resources. There will be opportunities for members to get involved at their workplace and campaign at a local, regional and national level.


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