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UNISON’s Local Service Champions campaign celebrates and defends local government workers for the everyday heroes they are. 

Local government workers go above and beyond the call of duty to keep local services going, yet their efforts are often overlooked. We depend upon them to provide critical services, that adapt to our ever-changing needs and to hold our communities together.

UNISON celebrates the invaluable contribution local authority staff make to our lives. That’s why we’re raising the profile of these unsung heroes and everything that they do.

Without great people running our local services, our communities would suffer. As well as celebrating their work, we must ensure they are paid fairly, and with fair terms and conditions. We will continue to represent the best interests of all our members working within local councils and providing local services.

Local Service Champions Awards 🎉

Our annual Local Service Champions Awards celebrate the incredible work that local authority staff do and the immense impact this has on the lives of the people who depend on those services.

Without dedicated workers, many invaluable local services would simply disappear. 

Meet our 2024 winners

Our 2024 winner, Alys Exley-Smith is a Community Relations Manager at Lewisham Borough Council.

Alys’s film

Runner-up, Lisa Thomas is an assistant team manager in Buckinghamshire Council’s foster care unit.

Lisa’s film

Runner-up, Ramon Hutchingson is the Coordinator of an autism resources centre in South Lanarkshire.

Ramon’s film

Our winners for 2024 were all presented with their awards at Local Government Conference in June. Their astounding commitment and passion for their communities is a true inspiration. We will continue to push for fair pay and conditions for all local government workers.


When Paddy met Christopher

Our 2022 Local Service Champion Paddy Toner sat down with actor; Christopher Eccleston. They spoke about the importance of local government workers and the impact of funding cuts to local services:



Local Service Champions: binding our communities together

We meet the winners of this year’s Local Service Champions Awards

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Dawn Hallewell receiving her award

Conference applauds the Local Service Champions

Award winners named before local government delegates get back down to the debates

A month of perennial change

But championing and defending our members are always on UNISON’s agenda

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