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About the campaign

Local government workers are there for us, through every stage of our lives. From birth, through our youth and adulthood, to old age. We cannot live our lives without them. But local government workers are often forgotten.

Refuse workers, trading standards officers, environmental health inspectors, youth workers, librarians, school cleaners, care assistants and many more enhance all of our lives. They deliver vital local services. Yet local government has been an easy target for budget cuts, because people have been less likely to defend it, than more recognisable services like the NHS or schools.

It’s time to recognise, celebrate and defend local government workers – they are champions. Share the film, support the celebration day and champion local government services.

17 October celebration day

October 17 is local service champions day. Throughout the UK, council workers and members of the public will celebrate the contribution local services, and the people that deliver them, make to our lives. Make sure you get involved and celebrate!

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Here’s the full guide to 17 October


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