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What does the budget really mean for you?

Let’s look behind the headlines, avoid the spin, and separate the fact from the fiction of this week’s budget

Chancellor is living in a fantasy world

The NHS, councils, care and other public services need help and tax cuts won’t deliver it

UNISON opinion: The budget will deliver more cuts and more pain

‘After fourteen years of economic mismanagement, I know what to expect from tomorrow’s budget’

Christina McAnea on a picket line in Sheffield, with ambulance strikers, addressing the media

Blog: Money for everything, everywhere, just not your pay rise

Today’s budget found the cash to offer tax cuts to big businesses and the highest earners – but nothing for public service pay, again

Growth won’t happen without strong public services

Chancellor can find the money when it suits him

Unison General Secretary, Christina McAnea, visits picket lines at Ambulance stations across Yorkshire, in support of striking Ambulance and support crews. Photo shows the Longley Ambulance Station, Sheffield.

Blog: Which version of the UK will Jeremy Hunt choose to back?

We’ll be watching closely, and we’ll be ready to take action if the chancellor fails to fix the crisis in pay packets and public services

Jeremy Hunt

How the budget could fix public services

But new UNISON research shows that public service workers are overwhelmingly pessimistic about chancellor Jeremy Hunt doing the right thing next week

Government is making rich richer while leaving struggling families in despair

Teetering public services deserve much better

Chancellor ‘ducking decision’ to reform social care, says UNISON

Gavin Edwards says Rishi Sunak must act now to fund major overhaul of the sector

Chancellor has ignored public service workers, says UNISON

Rescuing economy and public services should go hand in hand

Nothing for worn-out NHS staff who’ve kept us safe in the pandemic, say health unions

Golden opportunity wasted to reward NHS staff

Chancellor must use the budget to show social care really matters

The case for the wholesale reform of the UK care system has never been stronger

Chancellor Rishi Sunak with the red Budget box

NHS staff ​urge the chancellor to do the right thing and fund a pay rise

Rishi Sunak should give something back on behalf of the nation

Chancellor Rishi Sunak with the red Budget box

‘Make it a workers’ budget,’ UNISON urges chancellor

General secretary to call for an end to the pay freeze, real living wage for care workers and proper investment in local government

Reality check: public sector pay freeze

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a public sector pay freeze in the government’s spending review last week, backed up by some claims that need further analysis