Health workers to decide whether to take NHS wage offer or risk lengthy pay review body wait 

Consultation on one-off payment plus pay rise begins today

Nurses, paramedics, blood collection workers and other NHS staff in new strike over pay.

Christina McAnea says 8 March strike is direct result of government’s failure to hold proper pay talks

Vote yes for the NHS

Vote yes for the NHS: UNISON urges backing for strike action

UNISON recommends members vote ‘yes’ for strike action in order to fight for a better pay deal and to help the NHS recruit and retain staff

Give health staff pay boost to resolve workforce crisis, says UNISON  

Health workers including nurses are burned out, fed up and leaving NHS in droves

Government has ‘made a big mistake’ on pay and missed the chance to turn the NHS around

The £1,400 rise “fails on every front”

Better pay key to solving NHS staffing crisis

Ministers must do their bit and put NHS pay right

Above-inflation pay rise critical to resolving NHS staff crisis, says UNISON

Money worries are affecting the focus of NHS staff at work

NHS facing stiff competition for staff from high street firms, says UNISON   

Report reveals Amazon and Aldi among those offering wages that exceed NHS lowest hourly rates

Holding on to experienced staff is key to reducing NHS waiting times

Lengthening queues are stressful for patients and staff

NHS reforms need a sustainable workforce and significant pay rise

Experienced and skilled staff must be a key focus

UNISON health members deliver damning verdict on government’s 3% increase 

Pay will be key topic at UNISON health conference

Record waiting lists call for proper investment in NHS workforce, says UNISON

Comprehensive action needed to tackle understaffing and shorten wait times

One Team your say, UNISON's next move on NHS pay is in your hands

UNISON launches consultation over NHS rise that meets neither expectations nor real living wage

Rise doesn’t fulfil government’s own pledge to level up

​Health workers increasingly concerned at continued government stalling on NHS pay   

Sara Gorton says it’s more than 100 days since staff were due rise

Waiting lists won’t be reduced without investing in staff

Proper pay rise and rest will motivate workforce