English schools pause ‘the right thing to do’, says UNISON

Slowing down the reopening will allow proper planning

Ministers mustn’t forget important workers delivering essential services, says UNISON

Local government workers facing coronavirus risks and pressures

Government should listen to independent scientists and pull back from 1 June start date

Reopening must wait until it’s safer

Government must explain how school staff and pupils will be kept safe 

Ministers need to work with unions to create safe schools

Legacy of government austerity cuts is a hygiene nightmare during coronavirus crisis

Public toilet closures make hand washing harder

Government must invest in youth services after years of cuts, says UNISON

Councils need proper funding to help young people

Fair pay rise for council staff would be affordable, says UNISON

Headline cost is halved by economic benefits


Unions reject ‘disappointing’ council pay offer

Initial 2% offer from employers falls far short

Victory for staff as academy chain drops plans to axe jobs

Up to 130 school staff across England would have been affected

Birmingham University strikes cancelled as low-paid workers secure pay increase

Low-paid staff will receive an extra £817 a year

Academy chain’s plan to axe staff could risk school safety

UNISON urges Ormiston to pause process for full consultation

Universities must do more to tackle shocking levels of racism, says UNISON

New report shows horrific examples

Refuse and recycling top public priority for council spending

Poll reveals top public priorities for council services

More than 16,500 schools losing out under new cash allocations for April 2020

Cuts to schools are deeply unfair

Four in five schools worse off under government spending plans

Education unions reveal schools worse off than in 2015